Late Summer TS On my First TS Summer Break

A very long SUMMER BREAK

Oh yeah! It feels--- it was ages ago, visiting my blog due to so many reasons during summer.

So many stories and photos to share from our Asian Summer Adventure. A wonderful time together with families and friends, old and new.

So, today, I came across some lovelies, while I am fixing our luggage from Asian trip...
Aren't they lovely? They are from Zara HOme purchase in Lissabon, Portugal
Pls. don't mind my runners LoL* I don't have time to iron for now...
I am not sure where I purchase my flatwares...
Can you see, the sun is shining still?
So, I went in a hurry to gather what in hand
I am mixing whatever, I saw...  

Old and new mix together seems work for me. How about you?
These are my beautiful antique English egg holders

Hope to see you again, now I am in my normal life.

God Bless Us All...


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