Where Are All the Days Gone?

Months and Days went too quickly

Absolutely, fast enough specially when you are enjoying what you're doing, right? I couldn't catch and hang with it. It is a bit shame for me, isn't it? 

Well, I'm here, browsing to your blogs but quickly. It became my lifestyle. Crazy enough, that I browse and read my fave blogs rather than reading horrible news. 

Anyways, as of now, I took a long vacation from work and it is summer break from school. So, I am a stay home wife. No kids, no stress and nothing but to chill. It is a wellness break for my side after all the issues at work. Life is more easier. Less money but more healthier and happier.

I went to a 2 months Trainee program at Sheraton Hotel Stockholm, as I am studying Hotel Management. It was a lot of work and stress, but doing what I love makes me more energetic and all the positiveness in my life, make me more happy. I will be pursuing my last term Trainee in Autumn. I will be assisting the HR Executive and the Training and Development Manager. I am into International Relations and personnel is my cup of coffee. So, I wish to share my knowledge and help my mentors. Cool thing, though my expertise is more on financial sector.

In contrary, life in DaBox is still on the top. We have a water damage in the bathroom and till now, our handymen are still struggling to finish. They are almost there. Keep your fingers cross. These men are not quick, as I want them to.

For now...
Here is some of Mix-mix days when I was in hibernation...
GH just upgrade my planter's corner with charcoal grill is hiding , LoL*
We have a huge grill in the open porch
This was our setting the day before our Swedish Midsummer.
Nothing special, really? I am just having a funtime 
Then, here comes the day most busiest day in Sweden. Midsummer day is their holy day. Ha ha
Due to Brexit, hubby don't have time to make our own Maypole. He been working the whole night. So, I did not bother either. I just gathered some flowers as the spirit of Summer.
Prepared my own Tuna Sandwich Cake with mix toppings. This is very famous in food in Scandinavia. It is quick and simple. So, tasty too. Very Scandinavian style.
We celebrated our midsummer just the 2 of us. Quiet and we love it. We seems we enjoyed too.
I managed to baked my own Midsummer strawberry and lemoncurd cake.
The Swedish strawberries was absolutely sweet but, it cost like gold this day.
I served Halo-halo, a very traditional Filipino dessert. YUMMY...
YES! Happy indeed! It's SUMMER Time. Life is more easier. 
Daughter and dear BF came to visit this weekend. Me, LOVE
As a homemaker, I also managed to make a rhubarb syrup.
 Just leave and boil for awhile and this can be a good drink...
Here they are... 4 liter of rhubarb syrup. 100% homemade and free from any unhealthy stuffs.

As I said, Summer life is more easier. No heavy jacket nor heavy snowboots. But that's another lifestyle, right? As of now, wishing everyone a very enjoyable Summer with lots of sun, beaches, foodies, family gatherings and FUNTIME...

God Bless Us All
Thank You Susan for the party...

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