Mending the Place I call my Own...

It's a dreary Sunday...a rainy Thursday and FriYaY

But, nothing I can do, so, I toke the vacuum cleaner and started to clean the upper part of the house. As I mentioned earlier, we are preparing to fix the bathroom. Beforehence, I can see the dust on our black furnitures. And I can't wait this project finish. Our handymen are coming in two weeks. Then, me and GH are going to a short vacation in the island of Creté. 

But for NOW... I am---

GH "Man Cave" is puffed and dusted... 
 Dashing with Spring colors...

 Who don't love the Filippa K salad dishes? I love them so...
These are my original vintage Tuscan cups. I have 8 of them but I brok one flatter
B4 GH left to his Spinning class, he woke me up and said "It's your lazy day". LoL*
He is my everything. He knows my thoughts. I am blessed to have this man. I love him heaps. 

GH finished the floorings of our sundeck. Some debris here and there and some finishing touches, i.e. summer furnitures and blings, time to sunbathing!
The cubby house inside will be updated but, one at a time. *wink
JOINING Susan for her MET Monday party.
Marty's party... OH!!! I forget to link up earlier... Happy party, ladies...
And of course, the most talented ladies in my bloglandia...
Late as ever but cope up with your party Susan...

Hope you have a great weekend and NJOY pepz.
Have a blessed Sunday.

1 kommentar:

  1. Roligt med en resa till Kreta, där har
    jag varit. Och du är bra på och ta fina
    foton, blir sugen på fika. Dock är jag
    hemma idag med ont i halsen och feber så det
    lär inte bli mycket fikande.
    Kramar och ha det gott/AM


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