Easter Love

Easter @ DaBoX

Yes, we had a quiet time when the kids are now on their own. It is a bit sorrowful but taking the reality positively, makes my feelings better.

Both me and GH, make the best of our time. We had a simple lunch and dinner. And the biggest things for us here is that the sun is shining and it seems the Spring is officially here and of course, we changed our clock to summer time. Isn't it fantastic?

Secondly, DaBoX is starting to get tupsy-turvy as we are now starting to fix our bathroom in the upper floor and the backyard sundeck. 

So, here is my long weekend... WELCOME
To the simple place, where my life is and I call it DaBoX ...
SUN and SHADOWS are the perfect thing we love.
We start in this point...
I don't have those fancy dinnerwares but having inexpensive and beautiful, me LIKE
 Here, seems Spring is in the air...
 Been awhile, I am not playing with my cloches... Some of my Easter eggs, my lovelies
See the hand-broidered tablecloth (Malta) and the napkins (Harare)? Fit each other
 My antique goblets stand perfectly joining the funtime. 
 This is the outcome...
This is my so-called Pink American Dream Choco Cake, but it looks orange in this pics
Lil Missy Noomi, having her ginourmous Easter egg. Ha ha...
A bit of update... in our cubby house. Stay tune of the progress later.

Life is too short, my friends. Hope we all see the positiveness of each other and not the negativities. Enjoy life and share the PEACE to all mankind.
Will join Susan on her Monday's party.
Such a long time not joing your parties, Susan?

Blessed be,

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  1. What a gorgeous table. Your plates are some of the most lovely I have ever seen. I enjoyed your post. I miss my grown children as well. You have to share them with other relatives on holidays. Wishing you the very best. You are very talented.

  2. Very sweet. Love the rose plates. I would love a little house in the backyard just like that. Very cool!

  3. Your table settings are exquisite. Love the flow of colour and shape.


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