Black and White on St. Paddy's Day

Nowhere to find or No time to find?

It's been so many months that I was in hibernation. But, my thoughts were in this world "My Bloglandia".

Life sometimes couldn't cope up on what we really love. Where shall I start? I started a new routine and I thought I have the time to chill. But, nothing wasn't the same after all.

People asked me, "are you not worried?" or what will happen next or "how about the survival"? Well, I am living now and I am  not worried if what happens tomorrow, coz tomorrow is another they. One day at a time and it works. Honestly, it really "darn" work well.

Anyhow... hoping my readers, still remember although, I am silent and inactive. 

My Day on St. Paddy's Day...
 Irrelevant? But, how shall I act when I love them?
 Black dishware is from IKEA & the saladplate is from Filippa K
I found the capuccino mug from TGR a knick-knacks store
 I couldn't remember where I purchase these flatwares, LoL*
 They are not the original Asian teapots but, I love them too?
 Love the goblets, from Åhlens, a local and a fancy store
 My centerpiece shows the Spring is knocking on DaBox doors
They are adorable, don't you think?
A simple way of expressing and celebrating the day of St. Patrick's 
"Sorry, Good Man, I couldn't find the things for you"
It is sunny outside... Spring is on the way...

Thanks so much for dropping and popping up when you have had the time. I really hope to update this site often.

Thank You for the party, ladies...
Susan, I am back to join you after so many months of silence.

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  1. I ran to see this amazing post dear friend and I wasn't disappointed, as it is gorgeous, elegant and unique.
    All your black and white is fabulous, I'm specially in love with the black flatware, never seen prettier in black! The stemware, the rabbit salt and pepper are so cute and all your dishes.
    Lots of hugs,


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