Easter Love

Easter @ DaBoX

Yes, we had a quiet time when the kids are now on their own. It is a bit sorrowful but taking the reality positively, makes my feelings better.

Both me and GH, make the best of our time. We had a simple lunch and dinner. And the biggest things for us here is that the sun is shining and it seems the Spring is officially here and of course, we changed our clock to summer time. Isn't it fantastic?

Secondly, DaBoX is starting to get tupsy-turvy as we are now starting to fix our bathroom in the upper floor and the backyard sundeck. 

So, here is my long weekend... WELCOME
To the simple place, where my life is and I call it DaBoX ...
SUN and SHADOWS are the perfect thing we love.
We start in this point...
I don't have those fancy dinnerwares but having inexpensive and beautiful, me LIKE
 Here, seems Spring is in the air...
 Been awhile, I am not playing with my cloches... Some of my Easter eggs, my lovelies
See the hand-broidered tablecloth (Malta) and the napkins (Harare)? Fit each other
 My antique goblets stand perfectly joining the funtime. 
 This is the outcome...
This is my so-called Pink American Dream Choco Cake, but it looks orange in this pics
Lil Missy Noomi, having her ginourmous Easter egg. Ha ha...
A bit of update... in our cubby house. Stay tune of the progress later.

Life is too short, my friends. Hope we all see the positiveness of each other and not the negativities. Enjoy life and share the PEACE to all mankind.
Will join Susan on her Monday's party.
Such a long time not joing your parties, Susan?

Blessed be,

FIRAT's vblog..
A trip to London

My week that had been...

What a beautiful day...

As I thought, happy Spring is in the air but when I woke up this morning, I saw the surroundings is full of snow. AGAIN? I screamed, LoL* I was planning to dig to transfer the redberry plant to prepare some update in the backyard.

Well, as I am lazy and I have ridiculous pain due to anthritis/fybromyalgi, so I was stucked inside the whole day. But I had a productive day, in a way. Making my week plan for the "soup week". It's a fasting time at DaBox. So, feels right this time of the year to lessen those superflous intakes we have had (in our part) as to speak.

My Mix-mix Time
*to enjoy LIFE to the fullest...*
I am devastated everytime Dad's Death anniversary. He is the love of my life.
We all know how we, girls love of our father, right? We love our Mums too.
Trying to fix the chandie in our BR and look what I saw! Isn't it shadow?
My masseuse is from The Philippines and I honestly in craving of these local foodies.
Dried fish? A big no no, for me but I don't really fried them during winter. Guess why?
The "Pancit" eggnoodles is just a goodies. I sprinkle it with bacon. An extra healthy dinner.
This is one of the soup I have today. Carrot with ginger soup and top with fennel.
I never thought I survive without red meat but, it's hard to think but it went well. I did not stopped eating meat, just I lessen it. 
A clean food. Does this make sense? People around me wonder my bravery to change my routine.
This is a lifestyle I have choosen, works for me and of course, enjoying every minute.
These is my feet. A feet of a hard-worker. Pls. don't mind that I am swollen today. Lol* 
Lastly, the genormous Easter egg is full and ready to deliver for my lil Missy Noomi.
Isn't grown up (seems)? She just turned 1½ years old. A very talkative one.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. A blessed one. A Palm Sunday, indeed. Keep safe and spread the peace to all mankind.
 Shadow party-goers, hope you all have a wonderful day of having a nice shadows...
An absentee is present in your party today,  Thanks for hosting.
Blessed be,
/CC with a simple life 
Enjoying on top of Patricia Urquiola's rattan high back chair... 

Black and White on St. Paddy's Day

Nowhere to find or No time to find?

It's been so many months that I was in hibernation. But, my thoughts were in this world "My Bloglandia".

Life sometimes couldn't cope up on what we really love. Where shall I start? I started a new routine and I thought I have the time to chill. But, nothing wasn't the same after all.

People asked me, "are you not worried?" or what will happen next or "how about the survival"? Well, I am living now and I am  not worried if what happens tomorrow, coz tomorrow is another they. One day at a time and it works. Honestly, it really "darn" work well.

Anyhow... hoping my readers, still remember although, I am silent and inactive. 

My Day on St. Paddy's Day...
 Irrelevant? But, how shall I act when I love them?
 Black dishware is from IKEA & the saladplate is from Filippa K
I found the capuccino mug from TGR a knick-knacks store
 I couldn't remember where I purchase these flatwares, LoL*
 They are not the original Asian teapots but, I love them too?
 Love the goblets, from Åhlens, a local and a fancy store
 My centerpiece shows the Spring is knocking on DaBox doors
They are adorable, don't you think?
A simple way of expressing and celebrating the day of St. Patrick's 
"Sorry, Good Man, I couldn't find the things for you"
It is sunny outside... Spring is on the way...

Thanks so much for dropping and popping up when you have had the time. I really hope to update this site often.

Thank You for the party, ladies...
Susan, I am back to join you after so many months of silence.

What's Up?

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