My December Tidbits b4 the End of 2015, (A lil long to browse, LoL)


2015! Yes, we will say goodbye to you. My year with you wasn't the best year of my life but I am thankful that you opened my eyes, my mind and my heart on what to hold on.

I let off some of the good bits and I keep the most important good bits to whom I can rely on. Thank you for all the days in and the days out that keep me striving.

Here are some of my Christmas lovelies 2015...
My first week of Christmas...TY and I love all Indiska stuffs. 
Red in the second week of Christmas
Then came the Swedish yearly Mulled Wine. A Swedish Christmas tradition and my goodies
On the 24th. Our tradition is to gather under our Christmas tree with Sta. porridge on breaky
Gifts hunting...While, I was busy in my chores...

Had time to posed for our yearly photo (without our son & his family)
It was only we on Christmas Eve, so we didn't prepared much.
My family here, always gathered on New Year's Eve, so, that's another story...
Santa been waiting for our Lil Missy

AT LAST, 27TH NOOMI came to DaBox
After celebrating her Christmas at her grannies...
There were a bunch of happy pictures but it will be... "another story" to tell.

No hurt feelings to you 2015... 
I enjoyed my life to the fullest with all the ups and the downs. No one is perfect in this life, anyways, or are they? Whatever I encountered, I am still thanking and now I am looking toward the bright side and the bright time in the coming year 2016.
Wishing you All the best of evrything on the coming Bountiful & Peaceful New Year...

God Bless Us All...

Last Party of the Year... which I won't miss.
Thank You Marty for giving me so much inspirations not just blogging.
Love You...

Another party that too hard to skip... TY Ladies for all the great things you shared.
You are all an inspirations.
TY for this year and I can't wait for the next year 2016 projects you have.
Smiling Sally is one meme goddess that I often join and partying with her on Mondays.
TY too Sally for the party.

God Bless You All.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Dear Chie...Seasons greetings to you and to your sweet family. Loved going through your photos. Gorgeous. Your X'mas tree is pretty. Truly a moment for you to be with your family and all the lovely things around. Have a fantastic 2016. Love and hugs Sujatha...India:)

  2. Beautiful post! Love the Christmas Tree. Happy New Year's. Martha

  3. Å, vad fint och juligt du har har det, Chie! Tack för julhälsningen, den värmde! Hoppas 2016 blir ett toppenår :)
    Kramar från Australien♥ ~Pernilla

  4. Wonderful photos! I adore your Villeroy and Boch scalloped plates. I saw those in Paris and drooled. IT was fun hearing some of your Christmas traditions. May 2016 bring you great joy and peace.


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