A Swedish Father's Day Table

Absolutely Fall...

Today is Swedish Father's day. We celebrated a simple lunch/coffee time yesterday at our son's place as he is working today and of course, our Big Missy came over to join Papa's day. 

This moment was the best moment of my life when my loveones gathered together (of course, not everyone as I have lovelies in the Philippines). I feel the happiest Mumma as I speak, LoL* this is our feelings, right Mums?

Here is our simple table for GH...
The centerpiece
Greek mirrored tray is from Century 21 
Preparing in a sunny afternoon...
 Our centerpiece... we are into African style. Perfect for the very FALL theme
Some goodies
Snail flatwares are here to join and it's well fitted 
 The coffee/tea mugs are from Zimbabwe and its handmade
The brass Greek mirrored tray is from Century 21 in Fort Lauderdale
Black and salad dishes are from Ikea, my halloween blings.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend and wishing everyone's Daddies, hubbies, sons, son-in-laws, nephews a Happy Father's Day. More power and God Bless Them All.
 After long days of absence, I am joining again with my old meme ever.

Then Tuesday will be joining Marty on her wonderful party.

Joining the new meme... thanks ladies...


  1. I missed you kababyan, hope all is well and Happy Fathers day to your dear one! Love the beautiful tables esp. the black drinkware!


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