A Way Too Long Of Hibernation...

Summer day and 1st week of July 2015

Time flies too fast, seems just a wink of an eye. Yeah! Too way to long to for a blogger. There are so many excuses and the headlight is "the changes of my lifestyle". Isn't it daring? But that's life sometimes. 

Gee, I don't even know where to start?

Well, first of all, I thank you to all my followers (even not too many), to my readers and my visitors who were sending messages and was thinking if I am not coming back blogging. Thanks for the thoughtful thoughts.

Yes, secondly... I am on leave from my work and that's where my life start changes when I decided to study again (after many years working). I was burnt out from work and I must admit that, it is almost too late to realized that I am living nearly on the edge. Working and studying are not a good combination either. I guarantee that. It makes me more sickier. As an adult student, is not an easy task either. It is a very hectic and so intensive. No minutes spilled. I am enjoying being in this stage, though. However, I am not so sure what will be the outcome. I am still in between feelings? I am walking my small but positive steps to reach my goals.

LoL §:-)

Thirdly, I am changing the way I am living, i.e. "foodwise". I decided that I am a "flexitarian". I call myself one "flexitarian" or "semi-vegetarian". I have given up red meat for health reasons and for environmental reasons. I only eat free-range or organic animals and animal products. Many of my friends asked if "how many times I eat meat or white meat?". There's no answer to that. If I feel like eating, then, I go for it. There are so many good things around us, within reach. Just open our creativity minds and realize. I even ended up creating and composting my very easy recipes for healthy ways. Hope this will come to a book form. Keep your fingers cross.

Some of my own recipes...
This is one simple breakfast, Chia pudding. I used coco milk
A seafood tacos, for dinner. No big drama in here.
I had my pineapple and banana shake while reading Finace magazine.
Salmon with carrots sallad clubsandwich, a good lunch, make a tummy happy

Fouthly, Sometimes, people think I am going weird, §:-) or am I just following the trending flow? The more I get older, the more I am not thinking just myself. This time, in my part, I am thinking humanity and the universe. I been very interested of the "sustainability", the eco, the social and and the economical systems. My family is growing. The new generations. Not just my family, without the whole or entire universe. What is left when we don't care about anybody?
Greeny in a dreary day... can't be better

DaBox is still on the go. Our granddaughter is growing and she is adorable. She celebrated her 1st birthday with a blast, as she was born as GH, August 24th. We had a great garden/crayfish party. Yearly traditional gatherings. Our best friends from USA both FA's came and Andy a businessman, joined the fun.

Funtime in the backyard
This is what I am striving for. My family is growing. Heart them so...

Meanwhile, at DaBox...

Well, this is how it looks like in our lounge. It seems Autumn feelings with my new purchased tablelamps. A very trendy lamps which I found in a very cheap store. But who can resist? We are trendy. As long it works in my home and if the price is right? Then, GO!!!

Hope you still remember the "Chatter Girl" at DaBox and hopefully, this blog will be freshen up, soonest.

Happy weekend and enjoy the best sunny days left. It is not that chilly as of yet. God Bless Us All.

 I am joining back to all my fav memes...
An absolutely funtime to join once again with you, Marty...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Så söt hon är lill-tjejen. Och roligt att du börjat
    studera, det är aldrig försent och göra bra
    förändringar. Blev jätteglad när jag såg dig på Instagram
    också, där kommer jag hålla till mest framöver. Bloggen
    tar alldeles för mycket tid.
    Kramar och ha det gott/AM

  2. Oh, isn't she adorable! What a fun party. I love the tent and how pretty the table and cake are.
    Your food pictures are so appetizing - you make healthy look wonderful!

  3. Dear Chie...Lovely to see your post . Your GD is adorable. Everything looks pretty. You have given a special touch from food to smallest detail.. Beautiful share. Love and hugs Sujatha:)

  4. I'm so happy to see you around pretty friend! Specially visiting me even. So much to catch up and I'll start with your pretty daughter and adorable grandgirl, she's the sweetest, ever! Yes, your family is growing.
    The box is looking gorgeous as always, you did lots of cooking, you are a good one too. I love the wall with the art collection next to the sofa.
    What fun you all had in that beautiful table setting inside the canopy.
    Big hugs,


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