Not a Swedish Father's Day

Yes! Not really...
Isn't that funny? 

We at DaBox (what I call my home), always celebrate both dates. I used to celebrate these dates, so, I carry the traditions, both Mother's and Father's Day. While the rest of the world celebrated Father's Day, Swedes fathers waits until November 8.

We always gathered in my cottage, as both kiddos are back. Big One and his girls just came back from their 6 weeks vacation and the Big Missy came home from her dormitory.

What brings us JOY?
I always put my family in the hi-prio list.
Aren't we? So, joined our gathering...
Our granddaughter is 9months old and tanned... isn't she adorable?
My Princesses... Big Missy teaches the Lil Missy to love shoes, LoL*
I prepared  the simple table with touch of blue... Not much blings. You know "men"...
Sweden love Rosé wine during Summer, so, they get some...
Ohhh! bear with my forgetfulness. I forgot to buy baby chair, but she know how to entertain herself.
Simple breakfast on Noomi's garden table. It fits so well... 
But, SEE? I got what Marty have... brass Greek key mirrored tray, TY Carol Newton, my dearest friend from Fort Lauderdale, purchased from Centrury 21. She brought this lovely all the way from Florida. She is an FA of United Airlines who's route is Newark-Stockholm.
As you can see, my tealight candleholders is from H&M. They fits perfectly.
See my, curtains? It coincidence...

Family, friends and surprises... LOVING IT!

They always make my DAY...

Hi Sally, I might not punctual but my thoughts always want to join your fun...
As well as Marty. I have all the photos and preparation but I have so many excuses...

Hope You All had/have a wonderful Summer days and more Summer happiness to come...

Blessed be...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hi CC,

    Oh, your granddaughter is a delight! And, the blue crystal on your table is lovely.

    I did notice the curtains matching the tray! Thanks for playing today.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  2. Love, love seeing your adorable granddaughter!! I agree that family is always a priority, which is why I am not posting or commenting often. Since my husband retired, we are "on the road" a lot! Your table is beautiful and the food looks yummy - what a special place to enjoy a meal!!

  3. Roligt och få besök av dottern och hennes
    familj, hon är så söt lilla barnbarnet.
    Och härligt att ni kunde sitta ute och äta.
    Ha en bra sommarvecka

  4. nice post for blue monday, those sandwiches looked really good!



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