Spring Hibernating...

Absolutely, I am...

They asked if I am quitting (once again) blogging. I never thought I have good bloggers who read and follow my footprints. I do appreciate your concern.

Firstly, " NoI am not quitting". I love and enjoying blogging. Sometimes, there are things that we have to priorities, right? And there are so much happenings in my life, i.e life was Upside-down. But, everything has a meaning. Embraced the faith.

Secondly, long adventure and my work also plays, it all. Time just don't hang with me, sometimes. Ideas? Inspirations? Another, reason.

Hope this coming week, I have everything in place and that means, more postings and more fun at D´BoX.

Here are some of my fave SHOTS to share...
 Sharing the simplicity...
SHADOW, REFLECTION and name it All...

Happy weekend to you all my Lovelies...
Thank You, too Ladies for sharing the funtime.
Never get bored playing the oldest meme, I ever have.
TY Smiling Sally for hosting...
Been awhile partying with You Marty...

God Bless Us All...

14 kommentarer:

  1. What beautiful flowers and vases! Sure make lovely shadows!

  2. Ah, flowers add a rich detail to our homes, these especially add a style to any room far in excess of their size. They add a naturally artistic touch anywhere!

  3. Beautiful design on the cups and teapot. Stylish presentations.

  4. The pictures are wonderful. I really love the teapot.

  5. Hi Chieque, such artistic arrangements you got here! I am happy to be directed to your page from Blue Mondays as the entry that I have is something I got from my recent Sweden trip :D

  6. Love the blue tray with the blue cups filled with flowers. Pretty

  7. Hi CC,

    You have the eye of an artist. Isn’t it fun finding blues to share? Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  8. Your little vases are so pretty, looks lovely in the tray.

  9. Belated happy MOther's day sistah!


  10. Enjoyed seeing your lovely things. thankful you did not give up blogging.

  11. Dear Chie Love your beautiful setting. Love the tea pot a the beautiful cups with white flowers. Perfect setting. Looking forward for more posts in the coming season. Hey do stop for a while in my blog too. Love and hugs sujatha:)


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