Recycling Galore

ME? Trying to be!

Yeah... you heard it, folks! I am DIY:ing- It was fun and best of all was that--- it went well.

God must be crazy when this idea came across my mind.
I am baking mini apple bread/cake loaves in sardine's tins...
   When I was diagnose of osteros arthritis & fybromiyalgia, I seldom eat meat. So fish is cool alternative. Sardines is fine enough. That thought and idea begun. Baking in a sardines tin!
And of course, those perfect shadows around.
Always fun to join and play with my SSS2 party...
TY once again, ladies
I am just passing by these heavy things but see the small ones? 
Bread Roll DaNics style, for lunch while GH work hard in the garden...
Joining with Sally is hard to resist too! So, here is my shot, Smiling Lady?
Have a great Blue Monday...
Just joining you, Kathryn...

11 kommentarer:

  1. Jobbigt med dina sjukdomar, men att du äter så
    bra och tränar gör säkert att du mår så mycket
    bättre. Inbakade sardiner var nytt, ser gott ut.
    Ha en fin söndag vännen

  2. Creative presentation of the bread rolls. And baking in a sardine tin is incredible. I think ours are far smaller than yours.

  3. Great reuse of the Sardine's tin. They look perfect for the application.

  4. Never would have thought of using sardine can for baking. Very clever idea.

  5. Hi CC,

    Aren't you clever to think of using those cans to bake in? Love your blues. Thanks for playing today.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  6. Even the blue weights look too heavy for me!

    Woman in Blue

  7. So cool you found a way to re-use those tins! Enjoy!

  8. We will never have those cans around...:) :)

  9. What a clever way to recycle the sardine cans! Plus you have nice gifts to give! Good shares. Have a wonderful week.

  10. Hola linda amiga!
    What a great idea to make cute small individual cakes. Now I will save my sardine cans to make cute small yummys!
    Oh, such great lift weighing pal...I bet you are a strong one...and it's no wonder you keep in great shape. I just do spinning.
    Enjoy a fun weekend.


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