St. Paddy's?

Another Year...

Had passed once again but I did not even think of you St. Patrick. As I mentioned b4, Sweden is just a stone throw away from Ireland but I never seen those shamrocks and stuffs here since I moved from my native country The Philippines.

Till we meet again next year, Big Man? for time being, I will enjoy the Easter theme. My first time post this month and maybe last. I do hope I find time and something different in South Africa and Zimbabwe, what to offer me to inspire of new inspiration.

Lunch for Tw0... Sunny Day...

 I couldn't find any inspiration around DaBox... here is just a simple one...
My centerpiece...
 Another angle..
Symbolizes GH and Me... proudly parents and grands... 
Baileys said "hi" can I join?  
This lil chick symbolizes our Lil Missy Noomi (granddaughter)
See the embroidered tablecloth? My new baby from Budapest/Hungary.  
My hens are productive, LoL*  
You can see who's owned the plate? Ha ha...
My new recipe of a Pesto on an almond flour pie...
Easy to make and healthy, indeed...

Hope you have a great day to Inspire.
Joining Marty's Party... ENJOY!
First Timer at The Scoop...
I know, I will be dancing into the groove partying with the ladies.
Thank You, ladies for hosting the most inspired party...
Also joining with Susan...with partygoers

4 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome pictures...thanks for sharing.

  2. Så fint du pyntat inför påsken, och din
    lunch gillade jag.
    Ha en fin vecka vännen

  3. Looks like a fabulous lunch. Such a pretty tablesetting also.

  4. What a pretty setting. Elegant. You have captured it so beautifully. Love the colour combinations. Hope you had a lovely celebration. Love and hugs Sujatha:)


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