Easy Life when Sun Shines... Shadows and Blues are great things to Inspire

Don't get me WRONG...

Another weekend has come to an end and a new week to tackle. It is always a surprise what's every week can offer or not to offer.

As I mentioned, when sun shine on me, it feels that my life is more easier than those cold and dark winter months. Although, there are great times in winter, I absolutely hug the warmer days. I said "EASY", right? Yeah, that means, no heavy jackets, bunnets, gloves, shoveling and the winter sickness. They are just to name a few "things". While, Spring & Summer months, we can just put on our flip-flops, singlets, shorts, people humor changes and all of a sudden, people are so friendly. Is that because of the not to mention, the warmth of the sun? It is PRICELESS. DO YOU FEEL LIKE ME? Well, those are just some thoughts... and now...


My girls always stands gracefully and say "Hi" to everyone 
In the main hall between foyer, lounge and kitchen, my sneakers and flip-flop are ready.
In 3 weeks time, as I might said b4, me and GH are exploring South Africa... Excited!
Our family lounge that is connected to our dining area.  
Still hibernating. I couldn't decide if I purchase a new rug.
However, this rug is not even a year. Do you think, I need one?
My kitchen countertop invites a subtle shadows from the foyer windowpane...
 I so craved a caramelized apple and even there? Shadows plays cool!

I started a simple centerpiece. Just SIMPLE...
With my love vintage look dishes and look at my mini cloche? I only have 4 of them.
I couldn't find a flashy blings, so I did mix and match what I have in hand.
I like real napkins but who can resist these paper napkins from H&M Home?
It matches to my theme, so, for now, pls. bear with me. It's only me and GH.

Asian paperlanterns love to join my fun for giving life in my settings...
REFLECTION for today is "know yourself b4 knowing other selves"

That's All, dear Friends... 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and GB You All...
SSS2, always make me keep going, although I am not punctual...
Sally, hope you enjoy your party at DaBox... You have it all... 
Marty's parties are one fave of DaBox... pls don't forget to peep over...
Susan... am not ready yet for St. Paddy, Lol*

"I do write my blog chronologically. I guess, in this way, I can relate exactly what I was doing and it feels more alive. Just saying."

8 kommentarer:

  1. Fint med rosa och turkos i dukningen, härlig
    vårdukning. Och jag tror solen lyst överallt i landet
    utom här idag, vi har haft kallt mulet och blåsigt.
    Ha en fin vårvecka

  2. South Africa! How exciting - I hope that you post lots of photos!! It is wonderful that you already have started decorating for Easter. I have not begun, yet. Love those little colorful bunnies. They are so sweet. Have a wonderful time on your trip!!

  3. Hi CC,

    Oh, I do like your teal blue that you scatter around; it's pleasing to the eye.

    Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  4. Wow, Stockholm by night is wonderful!
    Your blues on the table are fabulous!
    Yes I feel the same I need sunshine whenever possible. It makes me happy! Enjoy South Africa! That sounds amazing.

  5. So pretty usual. Love the birds sitting in the middle of the table. The bunnies are cute too. The lined up candles are so beautiful. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you are enjoying your spring days. Love and hugs sujatha:)

  6. Sweet, darling little bunnies and very pretty dishes and napkins?

  7. I love your photo's. They are beautiful. It shows your personality.


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