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Sun Shone On Us...

It was a wonderful and productive week, so far. As decided, every Saturday is my day and I call that my luxurious day. I am thanking to my GH for kicking me out of the DaBox and do whatever I wanted to this day. So, I devoted myself to go to my dance classes, chill in the sauna, work0ut with my PT advices, a bit of shopping and some good bites together with dance buddies make my day.
 2 of my 8 dance buddies, a priest (right) and a businesswoman. Practicing while we waited the rest.
Then, saw the advertisement of my gym charity Spinning for brain research. Bluer that blue.  
Shadow and reflection, indeed!
This was our lunch table that will be posted tomorrow...
And this was, I saw in my daughter's bed. A book that I'm start reading.

I am joining my parties ....
 Happy SSS2, partygoers...

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hi CC,

    Touches of blues. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  2. The blues here and there add delightful splashes of color!

    Blue Glove Entwined with Wind

  3. I like listening to your stories! Nice touches of blue too! Have a terrific week!


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