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 What Is Prio to You?

I am in my 50's and I thought when kiddos are grown up, I have all the time in the world (sort of) But I am mistaken.

As a career woman, this age is on the HI-PRIO. I have to show and prove that I am good in what I am doing, though I know that I am good and expert on what I am doing. But I am exhausted with my hectic tasks?  When it was decided that the department will be merged to an American bank and will be outsource in a year time, all my positiveness, willingness and eagerness is not the same. Then come to people I am working with. I am disgusted. But, as far as I carry on, I will dance with the music.

After the hectic day, I need to chill my mind. Then come my activities. In my age, people who know me, said: "you have to slow down. You are just too energetic!" 

At first, I thought I have muscle pain due to my dance and my gym visits. Then, I was diagnosed of fibromyalgia/osteoarthritis, 2 months ago.  What can I do better? Exercise is the most important thing to all who suffer this kind of chronic disorder. Luckily, in this part, I am positive. I never give up to feel better and comfortable as I use to. I am feeling well, inspite of.

Well, that's the reasons why I am not updating with my post in the past few months. I am just hoping I cope up and have more time in the warmer months.

Here are some of the things I'd done when I am silent...
The Széchenyi Baths, Budapest, Hungary
As part of my theraphy...


My interior/vignettes have some new updates... I guess...
 I give my spare time in my gym and dance school
My life is surrounded with luck. Here is my daughter recieving medals...
She just finished her Bachelor's degree and in fall, she will pursue
her Master's in UCL in London.
And here is my granddaughter who give me strength. She give me light
I am just so LUCKY...

Having a family who's there for me, inspite of my flaws. Life is too short. I will not mess it at all. Life is the HIGH-PRIO, isn't it?

Sally, I join your party today... hope you understand why I am away for awhile...

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  1. Hi Chie,

    I'm so happy you had time to play today! Your granddaughter is precious!

    The warm water is good for painful joints, but too much exercise will cause injuries. Be careful.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. The watery photos remind me of how much I miss water now that I live in the desert!

    Jazz Man in Blue

  3. A thoguhtful post and beautiful photo shares. Stay away from anything containing artificial sugars like diet drinks! They will increase your fibro symptoms. I know this because I worked in the medical school of a research facility/hospital for many years, I am sorry about your job situation. I lost mine in November and no one wants any one my age! It is sad. I have a touch of arthriits and drink lots of fresh celery juice which helps me a lot! I lost my oldest sister 14 years ago today and she took a lot of medication for rheumatoid arthritis. That medication literally killed her. I am not a fan of prescription drugs although I take Thyroid for a condition I have had since I was a young teen! I will pray for you. You write wonderfully. Your grand daughter is a joyful gift and your daughter, what a beautiful blessing to have higher education! We are older now and have nothing much because we made sure the children were educated.


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