SS2 After the Holiday Season

Colds strikes!!!

Unfortunately, the whole family (I said, whole family), from the oldest to the toddlers, got sick since Christmas, New Year and now, Three Kings, it is me, who catch it. It's just colds though but still...
I am home from work and looking around my BoX is not funny when I wanted to sort out some of the Christmas stuffs that are still not packed. They're few of them. But having an almost 39 degree fever wasn't funny. So be it...

Here are some bits and pieces... 
Passed by Sta. Eugenia Catholic church b4 hunting my new pillowcases...
 Grandma's (my) chair... love to sit here when Lil Missy Noomi visit us.
I am loving my new pillowcases...
 A new project was to changed the candle to a lampshade... it works (maybe) LoL*_*
Sober foyer... I don't know what to do with this as of now.
Seems I am missing both my daughter (back to university dorm) and granddaughter...
Poor driveway but who care? I catch a some crispy shots of shadows, right?

Hope everyone is in the best of everything. Keep your hearts in place, stay humble and be kind.

Happy SSS2 to one and all...
Njoy every shadow shots my friends...

Happy WeekEnd.

Happy Blue Monday, Friends...
TY for a great party Sally!

9 kommentarer:

  1. Samma här, nästan hela släkten blev sjuka.
    Idag snöar det rejält så jag kommer stanna
    inne, hoppas du mår bättre idag.
    Krya på er och stor kram/AM

  2. Interesting building designs in the first street scene. And yes, your cushion on your chair is ultra cute.

  3. It's freezing here as well, brrr. LOve the throw pillow with eyelashes, fashionista!

  4. I hope you recover quickly. Being sick is no fun.

    Ropy Shadows

  5. Interesting shadows in that first image!!! I think it would be even more fascinating with the sun lower in the sky!
    And I love the cushion with the eye lashes!!!

  6. Get well soon! Everyone has been getting this during the holidays, it seems.

  7. Such lovely decorations. That pillow is so cute.

  8. Hi CC,

    I'm so sorry to hear of your family's illness. And, to learn of the cold weather. Stay warm and happy.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  9. So nice to stop by and see all your beautiful decor!~!~!


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