This and That Just for an Update...

It was said and done...

Oh yes... so busy in all ways and time goes too quick. I am not ready for the the Winter and not even for the Autumn but the First Advent is just around the corner, and the Christmas and New Year comes, right? And another year will pass and a new year will come and hopefully, for a brighter year (at least for my part).

Had hard to cope up and it was a PRIORITY, I choose...
We had updated GH "Man Cave" awhile ago and I added some things to fit his style... 
If you noticed his canvass (first photo) it's Times Square. He love adventure, so I found this curtains... It says: London and Paris...Black, white and gray.
 That's his theme in his Cave at D´Box... 
I was looking at the ambiance and I found that it is boring if nothing is contrasting.
I hanged the caricature of his from 2001. Funny but he can't say NO!
 Then, added more aquas to suit in...
How about this? I found that adding some contrast to make the black and gray, to a GLITZ...
I feel I done a good job. This is a candle stand and I put the lampshade that had never been used. This will be lit more than I can imagine. Check the window, see it?

Anyways,  as I am started pulling things from one place to another, I went down and make FUN of the hallway... 
 I realized I need more angel wings to hang. I just feel I am free from all evil
This is the family lounge and I guess this need an update soon too... See the round tray? Is is frenchy style. I have 2 pcs but I am not quite sure what to do, next.

Well, stay tune, dear friends and hope to see you again in our Blog World.

Have a blissful Sunday, to All...
I am joing SSS2...
You might think there's NO shadows around but if you are a true blood Shadow hunter,
as we say, you will find the shadows around D´Box, anyways...
How about Smiling Sally? 
Hope you will be happy to see more BLUE at D´Box in your party


5 kommentarer:

  1. First: you have a wrong link in SSS link list, and it was wrong on my blog but I corrected it.
    It's no wonder you're busy all the time, working and updating your's pretty yes!!!!! I wouldn't have energy nor interest to update our home like you do! :)
    Time flies, I agree but it's been a good year. Can't wait spring to come again.......

    my blog - > BLOGitse

  2. Beautiful contrast of tones in your world. Especially love the hallway display.
    I have fixed your link. The links are set so that you can delete your own link and re-do it. But I have done it for you anyway.

  3. Hi CC,

    What a lovely home you have! You've decorated it exactly as I would choose. I like the splashes of blue. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  4. Jättefina härliga soffhörnor, och så
    fina kuddar. Och stort grattis vännen
    till klarad uppkörning, lycka till med

  5. Your house always looks beautiful Chie, with all your touches of good taste you always display. I love the black and white and the aqua contrast is just perfect! The updatings are terrific, you did do a great job! All the black and white pillows are perfect in that white couch.
    Thanks for visiting, I've missed you!


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