Throwback Summer...

Just missing...

As 2 months had been, I still feel the warmth of my beautiful country. That was one of the reason that I was not too active in blogging this summer.

Me and my family had a great HOT spending the Asia summer time. We been to different islands, our daughter never been. 

Had a great time...
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
On the way to the Underground River...
of us...
On island hopping...
Fresh a must when you visit The Philippines...
B4 heading for swimming mood...
Look! who was so ready? And mind you, World? 
The weather was awful... 
But we're still eager to sailed over to mainland b4 the high tide came.

Well, this was just a piece of our summer getaway. We love travelling and that doesn't stop us regardless.

Hope you enjoy joining us for a short trip this time and hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.

Joining the Parties...

Enjoy the best of SSS2...
Smiling Sally


  1. These island views are fascinating. The orange safety vest looks like a regulation. Good idea.

  2. What a great vacation spot!

  3. Your so lucky my friend! I'm going home next June and look forward to seeing Palawan too! Love your pics !

  4. I'm so happy for you Chie...I didn't know you were visiting your country! Such gorgeous pictures and all 3 of you look like you were having a grand time! I've missed you!
    Have a great week sweetie!

  5. Hi CC,

    I've missed you; glad to "see" you today. What a terrific time you had. No wonder you didn't blog so much.

    Isn’t it fun finding blue?

    Happy Blue Monday!

  6. Welcome back...Nice to see you and your family enjoying a holiday. Beautiful pictures. Love and hugs sujatha:)


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