ABSOLUTELY--- Just Me...

It seems I missed half of my LIFE---

Yeah! I was away for so long once again and this time it wasn't not illness issue. 

That's life! Sometimes, we couldn't cope up all the things we really wanted to do and sometimes, we must adjust and priorities the most important things, we need to do.

Well, I was away during Summer and almost half time of the Fall. When I opened my blog, I found out that I really missed the Summer posts, Fall posts and funny enough, I didn't had them posted although I have lots of photos to share. While others were already busy in their Halloween and Christmas thingy... LoL*_*, that's what I call "long absence".

Today, I hurriedly gathered the gadgets that I wanted to what I have in mind... so check it OUT!

 I started at my shabby planters corner... Loving when its chipper here...
 Then, I followed the flow of my thoughts... 
Planning to have a tea...
And I am loving the earthy hot colors...
 It is a bit chilly but it is a great sunny Saturday... 
Hot and Awesome... FALL
 Soooo... Inspired creating the real Fall settings...
Nothing can beat the wonder of Nature...
 Even in the evening, you still can see the hotness of Fall
Hope you enjoyed my Fall style... when Summer is gone...

Have a great weekend my bloggie world and wherever you are, keep safe and always be peaceful in heart.


I guess, I will join my oldest meme...
Hope they are still remember me--- LoL* inspites of my long days of silence...
Happy SSS2...

Marty, I am joining you this week after those long months of silence. 
As well with you Susan...
Happy TS to all...


  1. Beautiful! And, welcome back! You were missed!

  2. Such beautiful earthy, warm colours. Gorgeous displays. And welcome back.

  3. Det har varit en ovanligt stressig höst här också, hoppas
    det lugnar ner sig. Just nu har jag fått något dumt virus
    med värk i kroppen och halsont, så det blir inte mycket gjort här.
    Härliga höstbilder från din trädgård och veranda, du är
    en mästare på och duka vackert.

  4. I bet you are a wonderful gardener.

  5. Beautiful displays of Autumn!

  6. Hello there CC girl !
    I love all of these pictures and how it must have felt to be there with a little bit of chilly weather yeat so cozy in the little garden space ... tea is perfect and the setting is absolutely wonderful !
    You did GOOD !! Well done you !
    Joy : )

  7. You are back and so am I!! I guess we took a blogging break at the same time. Your photos are beautiful and easily could be in a magazine. I cannot wait, until our leaves have completely changed colors. They are just beginning here in Georgia. So glad to see you posting, again. Hope all is well!!

  8. It looks so cozy and inviting ~ especially with the warm glow of candles.


  9. Starting with the wood table, I'm crazy for the textures of your presentation. It's always good to see a blog friend return!


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