A Taste of Fall In My Way...

Autumn sickness, still it's best!

But, I am kicking and shaking to rid out of it. As mentioned earlier, although I am not feeling 100%, I can't just stay at eased stirring at the ceiling.

So, I went down and had a look around, looking and planning what's for the next move. I saw the apple tree having it's best and really need to pick the fruits before it gets rotten.

I found this lil creature when I was picking some gadgets for my table
Still much to pick up...after all...
 Apple cage are another find and they gorgeous...
Saladplates are finds too and of course with my old Höganäs stoneware? Perfect!
Bundle of joy!
Created a simple Atumn centerpiece...

HOPEFULLY... the weather will keep at ease for awhile.

Everything is wonderful easy life when sun shine to the max. Who will say NO to this beautiful sunny late summer?

BTW, Introducing Lil Missy Noomi, our 3 weeks old granddaughter. She was 50cm and 3.7 kgs when born and of course she know how to surprise her grands. She was born Augst 24, the same date as Dada (grandpa).

Sorry! she have a style §:-)
Trying her best to use the pacifier...


Joining Susan on her MET party...
Yes, when summer is gone changing the months into colour
And our lives with a new member of the family
Joining Marty on her Inspire Me Tuesday...
Of course, once again Susans TS on Thursday...

Visit and join the fun day...

/Always be...

11 kommentarer:

  1. Congratulations kababayan!!! She is absolutely adorable! Quick question, what does her name mean? Curious lang. Love your fall setting dear with all the apples! Love it!

  2. Så söt hon är lilla Noomi, vilken lycka.
    Och så mycket äpplen du har, det som är så
    gott med svenska äpplen. Och underbar

  3. Your granddaughter is so beautiful! Giver her a hug for me! How precious. There is nothing better.
    I love the great colors in your table, they are so bright and fun. That comes out so much in your napkins which go so well with your plates. It makes me happy just seeing that bright green and orange.
    Aren't your apples beautiful!! We didn't get a single one this year and I am so sad about it. I pruned the tree and I think the neighbor came and pruned it again and that might have hurt it!

  4. Lucky you to be able to gather apples in your own back yard. I love your apple baskets and can imagine many uses for the,. Take care.

  5. Oh I love your table and the apples are amazing, but your Granddaughter is the most precious of all. Congratulations!!!!!!

  6. Congratulations on your beautiful new granddaughter, she's a real beauty!

  7. What a pretty outdoor table and your grand baby is just adorable!

  8. Your table is gorgeous with the beautiful Autumn dishes, sweet friend...BUT!...nothing more beautiful than your grandchild?! Who's baby is it? I just thought you had a young daughter only, your dear Missy!!! Congrats and many blessings for this angel!
    Have a great week ahead.

    1. I have 2 kiddos. Big Kiddo & now she is a Big Missy coz Noomi is our Lil Missy. Just a month old yesterday.

      I am too bz with work, studies, home & the new life.

      Hear me soon.

  9. Hi, Chie! Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter! She loves that pacifier, doesn't she? That's OK...that just means she will grow to have a creative mind!

    Do you have the same type of autumn there as we do here in parts of the U.S.? Do the leaves change colors and drop?

    You did a wonderful job with your autumn table, and I really like the way you used the apples from your crop to enhance the look. Wow..you have LOTS of apples on the tree just waiting to be picked! Do you ever make apple pie? My Daddy used to have apple trees in our back yard. He grew up on a farm and was accustomed to having fresh fruit like that. I'm glad he gave us that experience, too. I miss those apple trees so much! After Daddy died, Mom had them taken out. She always hated the "mess" they left with apples on the ground. Oh, well...I suppose I should plant one of my own!

    Beautiful table, Chie, and I hope you are feeling much, much better by now. I'm offline a bit now with my back problems and the fact that my desktop computer is having major problems. I hate using this laptop because I make so many mistakes when typing.

    Have a grand week!

  10. Congratulations, your granddaughter is adorable! Your table is so pretty and I love the apple cages, very different.


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