Perfect Moments To Remember

It isn't a fun time without a fun party, right?

Well, I hope this is not too much for you to read but I promise that this is the last post of my 25th Silver Wedding party.

When we had our first wedding, that was 1989, young, naive and  both broke §:-) our reception was just a simple and not full of flashy things around compare to NOW. Life is like a wheel--- and if there's a will, there's a way, right?

So, join and ENJOY the night with me, Lovelies...
Happy 25th...
 We'll start with fresh and green salad... had 3 different dressings...
 Filipino loves "Kinilaw na Isda" A permented tuna or ceviché...
MOTH loves "Lumpia/springrolls", so we orded this dish
Our Chef... and his art
The party is not a party without "Lechon" roasted pig 
 Tropical fruits, of course...
The UNSUCESSFUL cake...NOT happy with it---

THEN follows the SURPRISES...
 LOL***** seems the most happiest lady in the world...
 Dance in the dancefloor...
More LOLS***** I am a dancer but the dress was too heavy!
 Big 8Hotel's surprised for my 50th bday (2 weeks later Aug. 1)
My niece daughter is a singer rendered a song "Thousand Years" TY Rianne
 My bro's granddaughters are dancers and competing so, they showed us thier sample...
Sis, me and Lil Missy joined... FUNTIME...
We both couldn't hold our tears of happiness and sad my old folks are not around...
My columnist/cartoonist bro and wife, my bff and hubby and seatmate in HS 
Posing with nieces
BIL and nephews 
And half of Big 8´s staffs, Thank YOu guys...
Cheers and Thank You All for coming and follow my footsteps.
God is always good to me and my family. 

How I wish to post all the nice photos to share---
I am joining with Susan at BNOP with her party...
Susan, I missed your parties for 2 months.
Hope this post is qualified...

God Bless Us All...

8 kommentarer:

  1. WOW! Bonggacious! You deserve this all dear and congratulations to you both on your 25th! All the food looks yummy and decor, elegant, you look stunning in your sweeping gown! CHEERS!

  2. A beautiful party for a beautiful couple, Congratulations on your Silver Wedding Anniversary. The food all looked fantastic. The table decor is lovely. And best of all is how lovely you look in your beautiful dress. Happy Anniversary dear lady.

  3. You certainly know how to party! My 25th came and went and so did my 35th without anything like this. You look like a young bride still and I was glad to see you got out and tried a little dancing in that lovely dress.
    What a cake!! What food!! Simply over the top amazing and so glad you could celebrate in such a fun, fun way!

  4. Jag har säkert skrivit detta förut, men vilken
    fantastisk familj ni är. Så fin sammanhållning och
    så roligt ni har. Att fira bröllop igen efter 25 år var
    vackert. Och din klänning är helt sagolikt fin.

  5. What a beautiful and grand celebration, Chie. Congrats and best wishes to both of you! You have a beautiful family....Christine

  6. What a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone! I had a beautiful two tier cake for my 30th wedding anniversary cake this year! Our cat was critically ill (he survived) and it ruined our plans! But still happy to share with the love of my life! Your dress was gorgeous! WHat a great time you had! Thanks for sharing! HUgs and Blessings, Anne

  7. Oh my sweet Chie, your party was amazing, so elegant and glamorous, the food looks awesome, specially that lechon, we always have it here, in every celeb, just this Sat. we went to Alejandro's cousin's wedding and had such incredible one! Wish I had such a party next year for our 40th. anniversary, lol!
    You had a grand time with your little Missy and of course, your dear groom!
    Have a great week sweet friend.
    PD: Sorry not everything is peaches in human being's life and you have a difficult boss. I hope all gets resolved, let's just pray.

  8. What a beautiful presentation dear.Gorgeous party.You look grand and happy to see everyone having a wonderful time.Best wishes.Love and hugs sujatha...:):)


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