25th Silver Wedding Anniversary

The Reason for my Absence...

You might asked and wonder why I am sooooo quite. Fabby, Marty and Christine, know the reason why, LoL*

Well, as I mentioned earlier that, summer is a travel time and this year, D´Nics crosses Philippine borders, Hongkong-Macau and Dubai for a month to remember.

25th Year is long way for us...
This was not the first and not the last...
Photos are sorted... just the best shots for you All- this was the  b4 & After Ceremony
All ladies wants...
GH is ready for the 4th time
Checking if everything's OK
Just loving them!
The assistant...
South Sea Pearl and Helen's Jewelry Philippines...
There You Go! They ready too...
Wish my old folks see me happy...
Here, I step to reach the success of life...
Am so ready to meet my MOTH 
YES! Me, Sis & Bro... coz Ma & Dad were my watchers..
The Duckling always look back, no matter what
Thank you Lord, for giving us long life together.

I am joining you Marty...
I was absent these past weeks.
But, the reason is the only thing I can Inspire You.

Happy Tuesday, All.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Ett stort grattis till er bägge, vilket
    vackert bröllop. Du är vacker som en dröm,
    din klänning är fantastisk.
    Massa kramar/AM

  2. Oh Chi, your pictures are just way toooooooooooooo beautiful. You look stunning and you both look so happy. Congratulations !!!!!! I wish you many, many more wonderful years together.

  3. Oh, my gosh, Chie!!! This is WONDERFUL!!! I had no idea you were going to do something like this! It's magnificent! You looked absolutely stunning in your beautiful, frothy gown! And I LOVE those shoes!!! I'll bet you felt like a blushing first-time bride all over again! And your hubby is still so handsome and in such GREAT shape!!!

    I hope that you and your family had the most wonderful time ever!!! Congratulations to you and your husband for 25 fabulous years, and I wish you no less than 25 more of love and laughter!

  4. My dear Chie Congrats to you and to your hubby for completing 25 wonderful years.You and him look great and i know this will go down the memory lane.Love your white gown and you look awesome.The decor looks lovely and a perfect colour theme.Many happy returns of the day to you.Have lots of fun always and always.Love and hugs sujatha...:):)

  5. I wish you many more years together too! What a beautiful celebration!!! Congratulations!


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