Weeks of June...


Yeah! Days came too quickly. A week of June, second week of June  and now we are entering the 3rd week.. of summer month.

For us, it started to get busy, summer break, travels, parties and lots of mingling time. That's what summer is and I know it is not just Sweden who are busy. Hope everyone have a great hot summer days.

This is what I am Up to...
 Window shopping and saw it is a pastel summer... and I love it... 
 MOTH and Carol, are enjoying in the Sweet Castle tour
She posed for my both meme days,i.e. SSS and Blue Monday...

Then, my colleagues The Settler's came for BRUNCH
 This corner is for the dessert... (check!)
I know they love to have suntan  (check!)
And gazebo is ready to welcome them for a brunch-mingling time...
And this canopy keep the bugs away (check!)
This is how I serve when I have a garden parties. Canopy is a must to keep food free from BUGS! Canopy is a good investment, I think...

Here are The Settlers!!! @ D´Box Backyard
They are my great friends and they are the one I can rely workwise... Heart them so....
We are working at one of Sweden's largest international bank, called SEB... 
 Simple dessert Orange-vanilla torta di braso (own recipe)
And my homemade choco mousse with raspberry from the backyard and dash of Daim choco
The chocolate is from the Philippines...

My June weekends were happily spended although
I was hospitalized for a surgery... 2014-06-16

Thank You my colleagues for coming and make my day bright.
 I know I am not a good players these past weekends, Ladies...
Sally, I couldn't get up yesterday and no laptops in the operation dept. 
Marty.. I am the living example of INSPIRING, against all odds.
It seems I am so strong and never had health problems, I have too, but I am surviving every
test and fought and beat back! This was a 2nd surgery due to a cervix cancer 4 yrs ago.  I am home for my recovery and the Ops team were happy.They couldn't believe a little lady who is so strong and determined. I am a fighter and a survivor. This is what I can share to you all out there. Inspiring you spiritually.


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  1. Oh so many wonderful picture of such fun with friends. I love your beautiful tablescape with all hte fabulous and delicious looking food. I am so sorry you had to have surgery, I hope all is well now. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  2. Gosh it is so pretty and green! I love the gazebo, and the party with friends looks wonderful. I'm sorry about the surgery, and hope you can recover quickly. xoxo Thank you for visiting my blog, and happy 25 anniversary! I've been married a long time too. I met my husband in college, and I've been married 23. I'm following you.

  3. nice party :) with shadows and all

  4. Really wonderful brunch! That pretty pictures!

  5. Wonderful images. Wish you great week ahead.

  6. Hi Chie Lovely pictures of your garden party.You have thrown such a beautiful party to your friends.Say hi to your friends from my side.your food looks yummy and the presentation is so beautiful.Hope you had a great time with all those pretty ladies.Come down here I'll prepare a hearty sea food meal for you.Love and hugs Sujatha..:):)

  7. Skönt att operationen är över och du mår bra.
    Och så roligt och bjuda hem dina kollegor på
    trädgårdsparty, du är suverän på och fixa god
    mat. Ha en fin midsommar, fast du som är nyopad
    får ta det lugnt.
    Stor kram/AM

  8. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I know with so many wonderful friends surrounding you, you'll be up and back to your vibrant self!
    That backyard party looks amazing! You have to share some of those recipes, the food looks delicious.

  9. What a lady you are!!!
    Hope you're feeling better already.
    (On Tue I had my 5th and final breast cancer check up - everything is ok, I'm so happy!)
    Have a nice Midsummer, hopefully warmer than here in Helsinki!

  10. You know how to arrange a most tempting garden area for relaxing. So beautiful. Love the net hung over the food. Great idea.


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