INSPIRE in what had I done on TS...

These two words...

Inspire and TS... yeah they are always dear in my heart. I hang with these gorgeous ladies, since I started 2008. Imagine? 6 years of blogging with Marty at "A Stroll Thru Life and  Susan at Between Naps  On the Porch"?

This was how my urge in setting beautiful tablescapes started for real. They both gave me the opportunity to show my ability and capability (in my own way and my own effort). Remember, blogging is just a hobby. "An expensive hobby", if you ask MOTH, but he loves me doing what I love and die for. He is one of my best fan and supporter §:-)

but I have gathered some things after the MIDSUMMER CELEBRATION... 
The centerpiece was a bouquet of flowers from my workmates...
Thinking to serve a Filipino soup "Sinigang" in times like this ...
This was ready for the appetizer. Mini bagels...
I was still busy planning if what to serve or not
 Don't you love the simplicity? 
 Who cares, btw if how U set? D´Nics reckoned! "We are still in a food coma after Midsummer", MOMMA? LoL*

As the weather is rainy, windy and soooo cold? then here You Go? Free of choice. Remember choco is fresh from The Philippines.
Well, OK! then I set the drink instead. Tea or Choco?

Well, as I am not that fit for fight, it was good enough for me to set for the family just a bit of a not too fancy table. No one are in the mood of having dinner anyway.

Joining again in my fave memes:
Forever Marty...
As well, as Susan every Thursday.

Thank YOU, Ladies for inspiring Us all...
God Bless You both.

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  1. I think it's pretty fancy indeed, Chie!!! Look how pretty this is! Oh, my!! I love the bobeches on your candlesticks! I'm a big, big fan of bobeches and use them whenever I can. They always make candles look so much prettier, and they totally fancy up the table!

    You did a wonderful job of reusing the bouquet from your work mates! This looks very professional! And how nice of your co-workers to gift you with such a pretty bouquet!

    I love the designs on the napkins, too. Very fanciful! The lacey table covering is beautiful, too!

    So sorry it's cold and rainy there. I'd like to trade with you. It's very, very, VERY hot here and very humid. We can barely walk outdoors without getting drenched in sweat. :-(

    It's wonderful that your husband is so supportive of your tablescaping. It really helps out a lot when the husbands are in favor of us doing what makes us happy. I think they secretly wish they could get more involved! :-)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that it warms up a bit for you. Take care!!!


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