Dabble This and Dabble That...

Absent for so many days!!!

When summer is here, that's the reason why many of us are busy, am I right? There are other priorities, well, at least me coz as a career woman with lots of hobbies, my time does not cooperate. 

Anyhow, I been peeping in your blogs, read and even the comments. I still hang with you, Ladies but unfortunately, I don't have time to leave my footprints.

Here are some of my busy days of absence...
Late evening rushing home...
 My niece graduation, so the Auntie (me) was busy for her cakes... 
Here she come... Nicole at 18 turning 19 in Sept. graduate in pre-college
My lil Missy is in her sem break too and off to Univery College of London next week
to check and meet the Administrator for her Master's degree. 
 My BFF from Fort Lauderdale and Flight stewardess, Carol Newton 
Me and my family. Nicole's mum is in the middle...

Then, sunny Sunday... Lunch at the Backyard!
A gift from a dear thai friend Malaj is ready to rock with us soon in my 50th bday...
 Footed bowl for whatever goodies you wanted
With the teaset? They are a perfect combo... aren't they?
Followed by my shabby chic collection. Flatwares are from Lisa Dahl. Just love them.
The wine glasses was my first DIY, 2008, painted one and still works.
My garden colored champagne (or) whatever drink you want are just too summery.
Just loving them too... you may see them hanging around with me this summer. 
Where are D´Nics???
Hope You all enjoy your weekend.
Greetings from a sunny Stockholm...

I am joining my fave memes...
Blue Monday
TY for always Marty... 
Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary...
God Bless...
I am joining with Susan at BNOP too---
TY Susan for hosting.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Looks like you had a great party. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed visiting.
    I am following you now.
    Have a wonderful week,

  2. Hi Chie,

    Wow, have you been busy! Your niece is fortunate to have an Auntie like you, and your daughter is doing you proud. I like your friend's gift.

    Isn’t it fun finding blues to share? Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. Loved attending all these special functions with you.

  4. You always have such lovely photos! (Which include some very nice shadows)

  5. Wonderful photos! Sounds like you have a busy Summer. We have four Summer birthdays with our children plus my hubby! It is always busy planning and preparing for these events. Have a great evening!

  6. Oh, I've missed you Chie, I'm so glad you are well, only busy! Congrats to your pretty niece, such a wonderful party and with lovely elements. I love the footed bowl! Your Lil'miss is also such a pretty girl, looks like both of you! I'm so happy I came by. Have a terrific weekend my sweet friend.

  7. I'm so glad it's sunny and warm there, Chie! I know you and your family must really enjoy this time of year when you can get out and embrace the sunshine!

    You did a FANTASTIC job on those cakes! They look totally professional!!!!!! I love how you cut the star fruit and assembled it on top of the fruit-laden cake! The cut oranges and limes around the perimeter of the cake really dress it up beautifully, too!

    Your niece's dress is so pretty, and she's a very pretty girl! Congratulations to her!

    You did a lovely job with the table setting in your backyard. Your husband and daughter must really appreciate all you do to make their lives a little prettier!

    Enjoy your weekend, Chie!!!


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