Backyard Lovelies...


But it is still a bit warm that we can enjoy outdoor, though a gloomy day,  so I told MOTH we will sit outside. 

He was a bit upset of our dear Bambi who loves to stay at the backyard, however, it was not nice of her. This time, she is pregnant and hope she will not deliver at the backyard, again. Last year she was here too and delivered a beautiful deer. LoL* it seems she love our backyar and  You know why?....
Mama Bambi was here again... Arrrggghhh! baby bambi is on the way...
These was what happened to my strawberries, flowers and salad §:-(
I picked up the left overs and crystallized for our dessert...

I am not quite sure if Bambis don't like these kind of flowers...

 It is a gloomy day today but it is warm, so I decided to set outdoor...
My Toscan set is perfect for a sweet tea time...
 Another time to use the canopy...
Absolutely perfect to keep those bugs away while we have our cozy time
My rendition of a Filipino Mango Float: my style is
Mango Float with crema de leche and a dash of seasalt...
An absolutely worth to try, EASY--- PESSY!

I am joining my fave MEMES..
Absolutely Marty!


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  1. Ahhhhhh Bambi and her almost here baby are so sweet. I know they are bad mannered and eat your garden but oh how sweet to see her up close like that. We have a lot of deer around us too and they love to eat their way through everything. After the harsh winter we had here I feel for them now finally getting food. Your little Bambi is so cute even though she has bad manners. LOL!

  2. Very cool outdoor settings.

  3. wow...You're the only person I know who has her own bambi!!! :)
    What a summer weather we're having right now!? Yours is even worse than ours and this bad enough. Only positive thing is that there's no snow...and
    another: it's not too hot out there! :)
    Have a good week ahead!

    my blog is here: BLOGitse

  4. What a beautiful and comfy back yard spot. No wonder Mama Bambi loves to spend times in your back yard :)

  5. Å, vad mysigt Chie! Hoppas du har en fin sommar och får njuta mycket ute i trädgården :) HBM! Kram från Australien♥ ~Pernilla xo

  6. Hello Chie,

    What a lovely spot Mama Deer has found; sorry that it will destroy much of your beautiful backyard. I hope you can convince her to move elsewhere.

    The Blue Monday link is not working on this post. Could you fix it, please?

    Happy Blue Monday!

  7. Oh my Bambi is a stinker isn't she. My Son and DIL live in Colorado where deer just ruin their gardens, the have to use tall fencing to surround each and every plant. I love the canopy -- everything in your garden is just lovely.

  8. Här har vi också många rådjur, jag tror dom håller till
    i trädgårdarna för vi har så mycket varg i skogen! Vet
    inte hur det är hos er, men överlag tror jag dom drar sig
    till tryggare ställen. Man håller sig för skratt när dom käkat
    upp alla blommor.

  9. I just want to get under that netting! Lovely setting, I think the dear adds a nice touch or ambience!

  10. Oh, my goodness! It's like having your own pet deer! Soooo sweet! You are so kind to let her visit, she knows she is safe in your yard. Your garden is beautiful and the tea is just absolutely lovely! I would love to sip tea under the netting...sooo beautiful!

  11. What a romantic table setting

  12. Deer are so cute but they do destroy a garden don't they? I love your sugared flowers. Everyone dies when I do that and it is so easy. Your tea table is gorgeous and what pretty colors your cups and saucers are. The Mango Float sounds fabulous and refreshing! Have a wonderful time under that beautiful canopy. No wonder that deer loves your yard!

  13. Your different colors of cups and saucers are so pretty, the mango float with crystallized pansies looks so delicious. I sympathize with you on the deer problem, I have all my garden beds surrounded with wire fencing, and left the gate open on one, only to find a deer inside and it pulled one lettuce out of the ground and took a big bite out of it and another one, I'm happy to report the replanted lettuce and other one are leafing out again so I may be able to cut some more leaves from them soon. Fences are the only way I know to keep them out. I've had a number of mothers and babies in my garden over the years. They like it when my fruit trees bear and eat fallen fruit and what they can reach.

  14. Obviously you have created a very friendly and safe environment for Bambi mama and her soon to be baby. That is pretty darn precious to see her so relaxed.

  15. Mum Bambi certainly enjoys your beautiful surroundings. Maybe she loves the company too. Wonderful, creative settings again in your photos.


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