Lovely Day!!!

It was a hectic week---

Oh yeah! When you have a job like mine, with no back-up, it can be hectic and messy days when problems come up. It was an up and down feelings when you don't have the inspirations and motivations, although you love what your doing, right?

It is a relaxing moment when the weekend come,  although, there are lots of tasks waiting at home too. I was looking forward to go home and that is not a positive thinking and it is not really the "Me" thing.

But, as of now, I am free the whole weekend and I will just enjoy the warm and the sunny days. An awesome Saturday with lots of sun and garden job. Me and MOTH are just a doer when it takes.

So, ON the GO again...

The cellar entrance early in the morning...  Solar power lamp invites you to come in...
Our lounge move out at the open porch and these are my bestfriends...
* 200 tips to feel good
* Lose 10 kgs and have a younger body and a long life
*Sweet Home Mag
*Cakes and Sugarcraft Mag
Haivainas from Brazil, a gift from my foot masseuse.
Candleholder is a 15 years old from Debenhamn
I love dashing these colors. Picnic glasses stands tall...
My lucky numbers are well kept under Illum's cloche on  my vintage side table 
This is the outcome of my 6 years old shabby planter's corner after the winter...
We planned to close this 30 sqm porch, so inexpensive pavilion is put up temporarily.
 For the sake of shadow's shot...

Marty... I was too busy and missed to join your party in time.
This is my new project, first time ever made a Barbie cake.
And I am proud of myself coz I am not a crafter nor a DIY:er, LoL* I am just inspired, are you?

 I am joining with Marty on her Inspire Me Tuesday...

I am joining with Susan at BNOP
Hope you count this post with tablesetting Susan.
Have a great weekend ahead.
Me and GH wishes you all the best of a great summer.

GOD Bless Us All...
Joining the Tres Marias SSS2
Sally on Blue Monday---

Keep Watching! 

13 kommentarer:

  1. And we would like to wish you both the same too! I love your outdoor living space. This weekend is the weekend that I clean ff my enclosed patio for the summer, but the weather is not cooperating! We'll see if it does tomorrow and Monday since we get a holiday on Monday.I'm ready to kick back withyou!

  2. What a beautiful location!! I love all the colors you use! Great shadow from the lamp in that first shot, too. :)

  3. Such colourful decor. A great idea about the pavilion for temporary shelter. So many glorious summer shadows in your world.

  4. No matter the season, the shadows in your Little Box always seem to say, "Come right in!"

    Fly and Shadows

  5. Wonderful shadow shots.

  6. Hi Chie,

    Thanks for sharing today. Love that beautiful navy blue porch furniture! And you even have a BLUE house!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  7. Hallå snyggingar
    Så sommarfina ni är på fotot. Och så sommarfint
    du gjort på verandan, blir en helt annan veranda med
    paviljongen. Där kommer ni sitta mycket den här sommaren.

  8. Lots of wonderful photos and good blues. I love that Home Sweet Home tray. What a dleightful post you shared. Have a beautiful week.

  9. Oh you always make your home look so inviting. I love the splashes of color and your gorgeous garden. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  10. My, your outdoor space is so pretty kababayan!!!! Love it! And that barbie cake? never would have known you never did it before now, looks wonderful!

  11. Oh so lovely.Bright and Beautiful garden.You have used such pretty colors that goes so well with everything.The barbie cake just awesome.Have a lovely week..Love.sujatha..:):)

  12. Wow, made that cake??!?!?!?! Girl, you are getting GOOD!!! That's such a great job! I love the beading on her gown and the ruffled apron! So pretty!

    You have a beautiful outdoor area to enjoy!!! It's like having an extra living room out in nature! I like that pavilion you have up temporarily. I think something like that might work nicely on our sun deck. It is on the South side of the house which gets a lot of hot sun. We need sun protection, and that would be a great way to get it! I like your planter's corner, too. I would love to have something like that instead of just getting dirt all over the place because I have nowhere to put my stuff!

    I hope your work week isn't too taxing and that you are able to glide right into next weekend! Have a great week!


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