Being Featured at Marty's is Awesome and Inspiring...

For an unknown blogger like me!

I am just a girl from nowhere, with a lil bit of inspiration I can create my own style.... blending from classy to chic. But most of all, mix-matching is my trademark. I just love it.

Many of my readers both domestic and abroad asked me on how I cope up my life as career woman, my activities and blogging. For me, it is simple. It is "priority". If I can dance, then I can blog when I have my time or vice versa.

I met Marty for many years ago... when I started blogging, I guess as well as Susan at BNOP. They are the one who give me my inspirations. I know since I was young, interior designs or just a dash of design was my passion. However, it did not came across my thoughts when I was in college. But, it is too late for me to feel sorry now. What I am doing now is to create my passion specially I have my own. No one can tell me to move or not to move the things I love to have in my home.

What is the prize for us bloggers that don't live with our blogs as our daily bread? Comments and show appreciations are just one of those things that make us happy, right? And most of all if a famous blogger featured your blog,  that is really an awesome feelings.

So, can you feel how I feel? A girl from nowhere was featured for quite sometime at my fave blog? "A Stroll Thru Life"? Thank you so much Marty, for seeing my effort and you find that I am worth for what I am doing.

Here's some of the Tidbits...
Press the photos to see the post I had.... thank you.

First Time was...
Pls press the photo to see my post back then...
Our New Year's Lunch

Second Time
This was taken during an Easter Teatime in our new sunroom...Very simple!

Third Time...
This was taken a week ago...
It was just a pre-Springy day.

Thank You so much for keeping your eyes on me, Marty.
A good meme mother always come an visit to all her players.
I guess this is what how your ladies, stayed and play with you.
Thank you Susan for inspiring. You are one good inspiration and I am following since I started my blogging world.
God Bless...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Oh dear Chie, you are way too humble! For me too, you are of the most amazing bloggers with great taste and very talented! You do deserve it!
    Very special to be feautured many times in such a fabulous and prestigious blog as A Stroll Thru Life, whos owner is the most wonderful lady around!
    Lots of hugs,

  2. My dear Chie You are so sweet and a talented person.You could find time for all this in spite of going to office .Many cannot do that.It's always wonderful to visit your blog and person like Marty truly a beautiful soul who encourage people like us .Keep up the good work for inspiration and you deserve the best.Love and hugs sujatha..:):)

  3. Well deserved recognition for beautiful design work. Congratulations! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  4. Congrats! You always have the most beautiful and creative designs, you deserve much praise.
    Thanks for a refresher of all the wonderful posts. You are an inspiration.


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