Having a BALL in our Outdoor cozy lounge...


Isn't it an easy life when our weather is not that HOT or too COLD?

*** Det är så underbart liv när vädret tillåter. Absolut man får njuta det ljuva livet i solen.

This is the time when I move our lounge outdoor and just loving to pamper it with my simple way and a dash of a chic style (at least) I feel it.

*** En härlig dag sån här årstid. Jag flyttade vardagsrummet i uteverandan och den älskar jag. En enkel stil med en liten chic-touch!

Here is my new outdoor LOUNGE!!!
Me & GH went for a morning walk (as always) 
 Preparing for a cozy outdoor lounge...
I move the buffé table and gathered my treasures...
 I gathered all my pensies in my galvanized tray...
Cotton cookie holder from Malta with a St. John's cross
My wrought cloche which I wanted to rust but still long way to go...
 Mini grill? GH asked!
Guess NOT! Don't you like it? 
This corner will be a drink corner and ready to serve us...
GH chore is to entertain us with his BBQ
 This is the outcome, viewing on the grill side...
Even our cookies are singing when I moved them outdoor...
These are my new treasures from  Istanbul, Turkey.
A 925 silver tea set... I LOVE them...
 Dashing with some colors for a Spring-y feelings while my birds chirping!
And this is the other end of our 30 sqm open  porch


 Taken a month ago...
Just a week ago.. 
 Joing with you Susan with your MET day...
 SSS2 with 3 Marias is a great party to join with... 
Smiling Sally have a party too... Duno if I have blue around. If you are a blue blooded, Sally,
You will find them there. 
The great Mother of Inspiration Marty have an awesome party...
And Susan at BNOP, she is the one who keep me going with my TS...
She is a great and simple with an awesome style. Just loving her.

Hope You All have a blissful Day and...
just enjoy, get a cuppa and chill in my open porch... GOD BLESS US ALL...

*** Ha en underbar dag mina nära och kära, vänner nära och bortom horisonten.

18 kommentarer:

  1. Ja det är ju rena sommarvärmen vi har, hoppas
    det håller några dagar till. Du är bra på och göra
    det fint och mysigt, härlig altan.

  2. Such a transformation into your own little shangri la! I'm envious-our weather isn't ready for my patio transformation.

  3. Be aware, we might come to have a drink in your beautiful terrace!!!!


    1. Absolutely... welcome to Stockholm. Just let me know when your coming coz we'll pick you up.


  4. I love your outdoor setting - we have the same chairs and cushions but I have always fancied a rug and I love all your decorations especially your tea set, a great find. Even your biscuits are posh, I reckon you are going to have some fun days there, especially as GH is responsible for all the cooking and why not, you have done all the hard work making everything look so lovely!
    Wren x

  5. Your patio is very lovely!

  6. Hello Chie,

    Your outdoor lounge is delightful; beauty is all around you! I'm sure you'll enjoy it many times. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  7. A wonderful place to relax and enjoy all of your beautiful yard and flowers.

  8. Oh wow, love your deck and what gorgeous furniture. Everything is decorated so beautifully. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me

  9. First I have to tell you that you look marvelous! Simple marvelous dear lady. Your little piece of heaven is cozy and comfortable, Your patio furniture is lovely! When I am able to update my patio furniture I will certainly keep yours in mind for my inspiration. Enjoy your beautiful creation! I will be looking forward to your pictures of summer fun..... Candy

  10. This is a beautiful setting, cozy and relaxing. Wishing you lots of fun outside!

  11. Oh my friend, you've created such a beautiful place al fresco, so warm and inviting! Wish I could go there for a BBQ, some drinks and fun! I know we would have a BALL!!! Have great fun and enjoy lovely weather. I love it!

  12. Oh and you look adorable doing your chores a month ago!!

  13. Oh my goodness!! How beautiful! You have done a fabulous job and I have total envy over the sterling silver pieces from Turkey - wow!!

  14. Such a beautiful little comfy nook for enjoying the outdoors. A most inviting setting.

  15. Oh wow what a setting you have done my dear Chie.Love to have a cup of hot coffee in your beautiful lounge.Everything looks lovely and your furniture looks great. Love your cute post too.Love and hugs sujatha...:):)


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