Europe mets Asia...

It's Unbelievable...

Knowing that Asia is just a stone throw away from Europe. Yes! What a small world.

Here's our tour from Europe to Asia.
Passed by a floating resto on our way to Galata Tower...
Local restos under Galata bridge and hundred of Turks fishing....
Just name it... Misir Carsisi, where you can find the spice market...
Galata from afar...
I never seen fresh juice pomegranate. My precious love it!
Lil Missy is so interested of Istanbul. She studied Theology and Turkey's history
belief and religion was one of them. She played a game about Galata Tower, so for her
this was a dream came true.

Here we are on the way to Asia...
See that? Hello ASIA!!! this is the Bophorus Strait...
This is Bosphorus Bridge that connect EU and Asia. This bridge was the 4th longest suspension bridge span (0utside the US when it was completed in 1973 and 22nd longest span in present.
Amazing Asia...
Gorgeous Europe...

Beautiful day and we ended up to chill after...
This is the hotel's Hamam Turkish bath. I am just loving it... warm and cozy, LoL*
 Mr. Tayyar was the nicest receptionist/manager i town. Me and GH came 05.30am
and check in time is 1pm. Imagine the 7 hours? I was thinking to lay down in their relax room.
GH as this guy if we can leave our luggage, so we can take an early walk. But he said: " No, no, no! You have your suite room ready. Free of charge for a day and even free breakfast". Me and GH asked him one more time. Bad English, might be a problem but Mr. Tayyar insisted.
He added: "I see directly that you guys are very nice and good hearts, so you are worth it."
Thank You, Best Westen Acropol for the good service.
TY, Mr. U for you great service. He was our bellboy, porter, waiter and even our photographer.
Happy Bday, Lil Missy. You are 22 yrs old now and soon, next sem, you will finish the first part of your studies. 5 more years you will be a very good Neuro Scientist. Me and Papidoh are so blessed to have you. A good daughter and a very smart student.
God Bless You, precious one.

OMG! A bit long post and I guess, a worth to read.
Joining SSS2...
Blue Monday with Smiling Sally.
Look around if you can find your what you're looking for...

ENJOY EVERYONE. Have a great Sunday.

12 kommentarer:

  1. An intriguing post. Ejoy glimpses of your travels. And your girl's face looks so beautiful in the birthday cake candlelight.

  2. What a fun adventure! And even better that you got got to do it as a family. Memories that will linger forever.

  3. Vilken resa, så roligt och se dina bilder. Ni
    har upplevt mycket, och sett fantastiska ställen.
    Jättefina klänningar du och dottern har.
    Stor kram

  4. It looks the same when I last time visited Istanbul...about 10-15 yrs ago! :)
    Hamam or Turkish sauna is sooooo great.
    Next weekend should be warmer here in Helsinki, +15, jeeee! :)


  5. always worth the read. happy weekend!!

  6. Wonderful shots from your trip.

  7. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. It looks like you had a lovely time!

  8. Hello Chie,

    Thanks for sharing this fun trip. Your family is so special that even strangers notice! The hotel bath is deligtful with the big, blue light in the ceiling.

    You must have been busy when you linked in because I did not see your comment on my blue pig post. Please come back.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday and an excellent Easter celebration!

  9. Beautiful shots of the European castles, I was trying to imagine the archers hiding behind the turrets. It must really be culture shock to go so quickly between Asia and Europe. So nice you could go there with your family. The spices in the market look very warm to hot in flavor, lots of Turmeric I hope.

  10. Wow! You surely had an amazing tour with great people. ♥

    I'm here for Blue Monday. Here's my Blue Monday post; Me as The Tour Guide

  11. Happy Birthday to your girl. I like that Turkish bath, and it seems that the hotel has wonderful service. What an exciting way to cross from one continent to another.


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