I didn't realized!!!

Time flies too quick. I was thinking, we just celebrated the once in a life time 25th wedding anniversary and now, here we are, EASTER?

I might be so busy after the issue happened to me and my job. Too much drama and being informed the bad news, make me feel so low and useless (in a way as a receiver) and the surprised trip, etc. etc... What a life! Anyways, I managed to create a quick one for the Palm Sunday Teatime.

HERE I AM with my Lovelies...
Started to set my centerpiece...
I couldn't find my bird's nests, so I revised the Baclavas from Istanbul...LoL*
 I been experimenting how to use healthy flour i.e. pelt, rye, etc etc for my bakings
But, nothing can beat the raised flour, LoL* I guess, I stick to it from now on!

 The table was set for whoever want to join....
 Light of our lives... Hope everyone forgive and forget.

God Bless U All... 
Joining Marty's party...

Susan at BNOP

Enjoy Your Easter weekend...

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  1. Hey sweet friend, you sound very happy indeed, just like all your Easter decoration, bright and cheery! Which of course, makes me very happy too! Your table setting is so artistic and with so many wonderful elements to stage it! Love the bunnies, the eggs and that adorable Little nest in a cup and lastly, the two tier filled with yummy goodies!
    Have a wonderful week, amiguita mia!

  2. This is a wonderful table setting- the broken eggs with the candy coming out is inspirational! I love how you presented the napkins- I'm heading to my Mother's and will copy this idea! Sorry about your job- I hope things improve. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary- a big milestone!! Today is our 36th!

  3. Oh, how I love all of the beautiful pink on your table and the food looks wonderful!! I hope you had a grand time on your trip and that you and your family have a wonderful Easter!!

  4. Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary! Your deserts look Delicious! Wonderful Spring and Easter table setting, I smile just looking at it. The pink cup and saucers are lovely with the little nests on top. Have a Blessed Easter..... Candy

  5. Pretty cup and saucer! I love the shade of pink, and the crown is really cool!

    What did I miss? What happened with your job??!?!?!! I'm sorry you're feeling down!

    I've tried to use something other than regular flour for baking, too, but nothing ever turns out quite right. I finally just gave up!

    You set a very nice Easter table, Chie! I hope you and your family enjoy it!

  6. This is all so beautiful! I always enjoy seeing your unique, lovely style!
    I hope you had a Happy Easter!
    Sorry I'm late replying to your sweet comment!



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