Tea Time...

Thrifting my collections...

Many of us love collecting pieces and sets on what we are intersted, fashion, passion and hobbies. It happen, that I am one of many who love thrifting and adding every little piece of our collection.

It was last summer I found the not so longing Asian tea set. I saw some of my fave bloggers setting and playing their beautiful set. So, I said to myself "if I find one? then I will go for it". Me and GH went for a joyride in the western part of Sweden for 3 days. We enjoyed the no iterinary trip. We stopped and peeped every thrift store we passed by. Suddenly, I spotted this set and couldn't hold back not to purchased. 

SO, HERE THEY ARE, joining other pieces...

 We'll start with the sugar shaker...
 Creamer, the cutest of them all...
 I am loving the pretty teapot...
This 3pcs are the newest...
 I am still loving my Rose dessert spoons...
 Seems I am too Asian, this time right? LoL* 
If I could just bring you All in a humbe Box and share what I have,
then, I am the most happiest blogger on earth... *giggle 
My lovelies are ready to serve D´Nics to end the mid-week...
GH is waiting in the mini-lounge, to chill out.
We often talk and update on our day at work, meeting, people,  plans etc etc.
This is how we solve our problems if there is any.
We both priorities the quality of our time, our lives.
As I always mentioned, "life is too short to spoil it". If I am down today,
I am surely rise another day and the "whoever" make my life misery,
will fall in the end, sooner or later.

Hope you all have a wonderful mid-week, my Lovelies!
ENJOY life to the fullest. God Bless Us Forever.

I am joining Susan at BNOP... once her link is up.
TY Susan for inspiring me...

5 kommentarer:

  1. Love, love the tea set! The bright colors are so cheery - great find!!

  2. I'm so glad to be back visiting my blog friends. Sweet Mister is doing much better after his two surgeries. I've missed you! You know that I adore Asian designs, and your tea set is outstanding. I'm so glad that you brought it home to share with us. Thanks for inviting us for a peek, and Happy St. Pat's Day! Cherry Kay

  3. Love your beautiful tea set. Any guest would be happy to have tea with you! Thanks for sharing and enjoy!
    Blessings My Friend,

  4. OMGod sweet friend, your Chinese teaset is gorgeous!!! I love Oriental dishes and this is my fav! Those rose spoons are to die for...you did a magnificent job with your lovely purchases.
    We got together the other day for prayer and we prayed for you as I promissed. Hope things are going smoother for you.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Så fin servis, tror svärmor har en liknande.
    Där gjorde du ett fynd. Här har vi sol idag
    men det blåser och är kallt.
    Ha en fin helg och stor kram/AM


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