Our way... to Inspire...

Our way of Inspiring...

This is the way how we inspire, if not to others, well, we inspired for ourselves.

Many of us, have an own way of showing inspirations. D´Nics at D´Box are mixing it, thru inspiring ourselves and inspiring the material things. Once a month, we have our masseuses. Either she come for a home service or to her saloon. This time, me & GH both have colds, so I asked if she can come over and so she did.

This is how we start our day to End the weekend.
Spring centerpiece...
 Starting our day with just a simple breakfast...
  I have colds since Friday, so I have time to gather my pretties for Spring... 
 This is the vignette of my kitchen window pane... 
Ending with a fresh bake Orange Choco cake, my own recipe.
GH is picky when it comes to cake or to sweet in general.
But, hey! he even said: Yummsy! Does this mean the cake isn't too sweety?
 LoL* this is a hard working feet and it needs pampering footspa & mani, Love!
Mani, pedi & massage, Asian style, can't be better, I tell you..
 I am trying to spruce up (is this the right word) my mini-lounge to get ready for Spring.
My friends who are in the interior design branch are helping me with the make-over.

Keep Watching Me, :-)

Joining Sally on her party, Blue Monday.
Hope you can find the dash of blue in my world today, Smiling Sally?
Happy Blue Monday.

Joining the First time at:

Will be joining with Marty on her party tomorrow.
Thank you Marty for always Inspiring.

11 kommentarer:

  1. Tack, va kul att du hittade in till mig igen, det blev en lång bloggpaus .. =)
    Vad spännande, har du också starta-eget-planer? .. =)
    Och du har redan börjat göra påsk-fint, mycket fina dekorationer som du har .. =)

    I kväll kommer våran Thai-massör hem till oss, det är så skönt att få massage regelbundet.

    Hoppas din förkylning snart är bättre!
    Kram Patricia

  2. What a lovely spring brunch! I know the massage felt really good to you tired bodies! The little spring bird is adorable!

  3. Hi and thank you for your visit and lovely comment.
    Love your style to, and gonna browse through your blog to see more of it.
    Have a very good week

  4. Hi Chie,

    Sorry to hear that you and GH are ill; I hope that you soon will be better.

    The massage sounds lovely! And your darling bunnies are delightful. Thanks for sharing your bits of blue.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  5. You have wonderful home. Love the way you decorate it.
    Get well soon.

  6. Love the pinks and all of those adorable bunnies. The cake looks delicious - I can almost taste it!!

  7. Love all your sweet little Easter vignettes. Your bunnies are adorable. That cake looks so yummy.

  8. What an incredible way to start the day. I love it.

  9. Great post!!! Enjoyed the Easter and the cake!! Yummy.

  10. I just love those sweet bunnies...and all those gorgeous flowers! :)

  11. Oh what a lovely visual treat you blessed me with. It looks fantastic.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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