....SSS2 on St. Paddy's Day...Just Sayin'...

St. Paddy's CC girl Style...

Yeah... in my Facebook, I mentioned "This is the farthest I can reach Ireland", LoL*

Unfortunately, it is. As I said, Sweden is not that religious or follow the festivities. We have our own festivities and it seems, that matters. However, as I am not a 100% blue blooded, I love to mix and match and perfect for me. Does this mean, I am a"Nomad?" LoL*** and it sounds, I am.


 Simple centerpiece
 Vintage flatwares from our thrifting...
 Followed with my beautiful vintage avec glasses...
 I am a greeny lover... 
 The blings... 
 Loving them all...
Creamy Irish coffee... D´Box style... 
 YUZU pie...
 Don't you love the mini-glasses? 
 I am just enjoying the flavor, as well our visitors... Mind the sunny day!
 If St. Paddy try my own Irish cream... *wink
U know what I am saying... material things are part of the game of Life... 
the fact is no win or lose, no rich or poor. It is just how to handle it.

Happy week ahead...

I am joining the memes:

Visit Susan and her players from Worldwide...
Joining my oldest meme, though I did not get fresh shots!
I catched the flu. Our weather is crazy or I don't know what to say.
Mother Nature can't decide the Seasons.
One day Midsummer, next day Mid-Winter and the next is Spring, :-)

HAPPY SSS2, players...


  1. Du har helt rätt, jag vet inte ens vem
    St Paddy var. Men lite vårkalas är alltid roligt,
    och så fint du dukat i grönt. Idag ska jag sy bland
    annat gröna servetter/tabletter.

  2. Love the touches of flower dear your settings are always so feminine and delicate, pretty perfect to me!

  3. Your table for St. Patrick's is gorgeous Chie! Those goblets are to die for, I am in awe! The dishes are very pretty too in all the Green specially those leaf bowls! I'd like some Irish cream too dear Chie. Next Wednesday I will be praying for you, so you know I am always thinking of you. God is the only one and just leave it to HIM, only HE knows best what's good for you!

  4. Irish coffee and pie - I want some!!! Your table is so fresh looking with the beautiful green and white together. Hope you had a great day on St. Pat's!!

  5. Your table setting is splendid. Lovely variety of green tones. and so love the green shadow from the glass.

  6. This is a beautiful table setting - the green of the Emerald Isle is beautiful here. No need to be religious or of a particular heritage, we can all celebrate any hpliday, and enjoy and appreciate any peoples. In my case, my last name is (Villers) French, but my Father's mother was O'Hanlon (Irish), my mother was Scott, derives from Scot and Irish. Patti's heritage is German, Irish, English, Scott and Norwegian. A big mix! Since there are no big holidays in the USA that are Scot, German or French, we celebrate them all!

  7. Oh, my!! It is all so lovely! The tablescape, the dishes, napkins, every little detail is thought of. not to mention the food looking like it's going to be absolutely delicious!


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