Inspiration Blooms...

Spring is in the Air!

It is amazing, what weather can make! Sun make us alive. Although, all 4 seasons have their own ways and charm, Summer, is one of the best (according to me).

When Spring and Summer comes, we all are happy. We can talk whatever and ended to not even nearest to ever, LoL* We talk heaven and earth. Everyone's happy and all the best things in life or at least someone's life happened. 

We all get an inspirations, from one way or the other. So, for me, it started yesterday when a good friend of mine message me that she invited a very famous UK sugarcrafter in her shop. I could not resist, the invitation so I grabbed GH and drove me out of town.

She is a dear Inspiration...
 Yours truly, was so happy, if you just know, what I'd done, you will LOL!!!
for sure... I will relate next time. He was not happy, seems?
It happened, "WRONG TIMING"... bridge opened, dóh!
Must hurry, Love?
Yes, I know! I am in love with all the cake decorations and I am swoon away.
And I know, I can resist not to eat, or am I? I HONESTLY can.
One of  my project....
Do you recognize her? The one and only Carol Haycox,
From FMM (press the link) and you find interesting stuffs...
She told me "Girl" your lilies are too skinnies, give them a life!" ha ha...
 Yes, Maam... pronto, I will...
I went crazy shopping and adding more my gadgets. GH even bought me
This place is my heaven on earth. A really a "TOYS R US" adult style.
a tool (toy) box, he reckoned, §:-)
And here are some of my new found inspiration... 
Carol told me to advertise and sell my crafting and one day, I will realize
It is fun to earn your hobby. I just did get some orders. OMG!
I still need a lot of practice and I know I am inspired and I will get there.

That's all, folks? Hope you enjoyed my funtime.

Joining Marty...
I also join The Dedicated House on her party...

Enjoy the week, my friends.

God Bless Us All...

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  1. Wow - I had no idea you were so talented in this way! Amazing - what a fun and delicious-looking post!!

  2. Your flowers are lovely. With a little practice you could have a booming business. I took classes in cake decorating many years ago and I never learned to make flowers anywhere near as pretty as yours.

  3. I hate it that Blogger no longer sends me an email alert when you do a post!!!!!!!! I end up missing so many good posts from you! This is an excellent one, Chie! THat must have been SO much fun to get in there and be amongst all those gorgeous cakes and decorating accessories! It's great that you got to meet and take a photo with one of your cake decorating idols, too!!!! That must have been really fun!


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