Chilly Outside...

I Look for another Way...

Yes, that's how I am thinking. In life we should know a plan B, an alternative or just a way, right? I couldn't just sit and stare at my four walls. My life matters are of course a healthy body and mobilizing are the nearest thing I can get. Life is too short to spoil it. 

If people think I am showing off, that I like to be the center of attraction? Then, fair dinkum as Aussies reckoned and thanks for that. I mentioned that "I live my life to the fullest" and I learnt from the best prophets of my life; my parents and He above all.

So, we are talking mobilizing. Yesterday, I was out running in the morning... As always..

A pillar in one of Stockholm's Metro/Subway.
I love the art. Lips, hands fists etc...
Ahead is the local cinema's advertisement.
Lights, reflection was one of the highlights, LoL*
A very environmental Stockholm..
Recycle bins, perfect for a blue and shadow...
While running more deeper in the Subway track,
I found this intriguing blue door. What can this be?
Well, Stockholm have hundreds of underground tunnels, in case of.
OMG! I didn't saw and recognize this art? I run everyday in this tunnel
Almost everyday... Just sharing?
What I am AIMING ahead? LoL***
This is my fave trendy bakery FABRIQUÉ.
LOVE, LOVE the industrial style, don't you?
They serve freshly bake healthy breads, cupcakes and yummies.
Wallonlängd, a pelt bun with vanilla cream fillings and almond toppings.
A must try, if you visit Stockholm, one day.

I don't really buy the unnecessary goodies without I always visit this young friendly owner. We talk everything, from heaven to earth topics. Then, I grabbed my sandwich and coffee, if not, a "längd" for my colleagues or for GH colleages. 

Then... the last thing I do for the day...
A 30 day ABS plan. This was my 2month (2nd round) 19th day.
I am not striving for whatever people think. I am striving to be fit.
I am not 20 yrs old anymore. So, for my health sake, here I am.
18 kgs lighter...

Thank YOU all for coming and follow me wherever I may be. In my ugliest mood and flaws, you're all here, inspiring my life.

I am joining the 3's Marias...
And Smilng Sally on Monday...

Keep smiling, folks and keep hearts in place.
God Bless...

12 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for all the shadowy glimpses of Stockholm!

  2. I like carvings on that tower.

  3. Superb shots - and thanks for visiting!

  4. Congrats honey, your body is looking amazing! The working out is really compensating you and showing, wow!!! I'm jelous!...but I go three times a week to my spinning clases at the gym and alternative days I go walking with my husband. I too watch out what I eat and yes, 2 years ago I did lose 20 pounds and kept them off. Thanks for the great sights of beautiful stockholm and the rute you do your running. I am praying for you for your wishes and when we get together I will also do it in group. I don't know if you noticed I had your Little cloches on my table for marmalade and everyone loved them and wanted them, lol! Thank you for your sweet visit, dear Chie. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Love these glimpses of your world. The pillar art is stunning as is the tunnel roof art. Congrats on keeping so fit.

  6. What a fun tour this was - thank you, since I still have not made the trip to Stockholm! You do look amazing. I need to join you, especially in exercising!! I will try to use you for my inspiration!!

  7. The subway in Stockholm is beautiful - so much art ro see, so many retailers and no trash on the platform. Unlike the ones in New York City that are terrible. A place to visit even if you are not going anywhere :)

  8. 18 kg, det var bra gjort. Och du är i toppenform.
    Fina bilder från Stockholm, bageriet ser fantastiskt
    ut. Ha en fin söndag vännen

  9. Well done! Have you dropped all the goodies or do you eat like before, just moving, exercising more?
    Thanks for the tour!

  10. What a lovely piece of art work in the subway! That reflection shot was spectacular. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  11. Hello Chie,

    Your world is lovely . . . quite artistic and a bunch of blue.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  12. quite an interesting sharing of 'blues'; have a nice Monday

    much love...


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