BLUER than BLUE, a first Nesting at D´Box

SPRING mood...

Today was the first day that Sweden had a sunny and Spring feeling day with a +8 degC, a warm day for us, LoL*

It was a quiet weekend for me, although, I had a big work inside home. GH was home due to flu but, after the 3rd day, he went out and as what he told me, " I just go and wash the car". You right... well, I will share that issue next time.

So, I didn't have time to create some things that I have planned. Sunny day means for us, is OUTdoor. Thrifting was in the list, therefore GH have to hang with me. Anyways, I did a quick  settings for today & tomorrows memes...



Well, Friends, this is what I can share for today. Blue with a touch of shadowy thing-y that I can be happy and proud of. Making my world go round.

Hope you have had a great Sunday and as always, I wish you a wonderful week ahead.

Thank you so much for always coming and peeping me and my life. I am so glad and feel so blessed because, you all make my life easier. I can tell my woes and flaws and you listened.

To Fabby... I am so blessed to know you. I will pray together with you and your friends for my safety and the worries that bugging me. 

Bless me Father above and heal my heart,
together with my dear friends in Bloglandia.
Give us safe and kindred hearts.

I am LATE... "suck"

Joining with Smiling Sally... 
Thank You Marty for sharing and always inspiring me.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Stay strong dear, I'm sure it will pass and you'll still come out smiling..
    As for your vignette, simple but still very pretty!

  2. Nests and talking of spring has to lighten your heart.
    Love the eggs, candles and birds...great photos too.
    Happy Blue Monday to you and yours ;D

  3. I love your blue and white eggs. Very pretty.

  4. Det var vårfina foton, jättefina keramikägg.
    Och grattis till att du ska bli farmor, det
    är stort.
    Kramar och ha det gott

  5. I love your vignette, Chie. Love the blues too!...Christine

  6. Chie - it looks like a spring rain has washed over your table! The photographs are beautiful and the blue and white eggs are so pretty. I hope warm weather is on its way for you.

  7. Hi Chie,

    Thanks for sharing that beautiful blue bowl filled with blue and white balls, and thank you for your kind comment.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  8. Chie, this is so pretty and I love, love, love your marble eggs. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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