WeekEnd Tidbits...

An awaited days...

11 hours on bed was absolutely what I needed. I might be awakened but thinking..."NO rush, No stress" make me more lazy. GH prepared our simple breakfast and I am loving it.

My week cycle... 
 this is GH man's cave...taken today
LoL*GH posed for us...
U can find him in this room (tv room) his cave...
more shadows behind that curtain
and i need to clean and dust
no way I can reach my chandie
for a better cleanUp...
 isn't GH amazing?
he always make me feel love.
P.S. "no cheese heartz during breakfast"
Just happened the bag laid on the kitchen top.
 I am ready to keep my day busy & active...
but chilly, so Moi is tuck up..B4 going OUT
waiting for the train
on the way to my activities...  
did you know that Stockholm
have the longest underground art gallery in the world?
this are just one of the train stations art gallery
arrived safely with a
a nice shadows spotted here. 

they are my best dance partners
and my private teacher
Tobias Bader, a well-known dancer in Dancer with the Stars
And he owns the dance school.

Well, that is what I have to share for U today...
How my week been... How about Yours?
Share with us for a more fun blogging..

Joining SSS the oldest meme ever...
And Blue Monday, the newest meme I have...


18 kommentarer:

  1. Love those mystical boots and the last photo of your dance class.

  2. always love the photo journey you take us on...happy weekend!!

  3. Your GH is great - letting you sleep longer and making you breakfast! And the simple eats are perfect to give you the energy for your dance class. And to take picture while in class...love your stylish home :)

  4. What a fun day! How nice too, to be pampered by a GH!

  5. It looks like you had a lovely day..how nice that your husband made you breakfast! You have a beautiful home.

    Love the dance class photo.

  6. Snäll man som fixar frukost och så skönt och
    få sova ut. Du är så duktig med dansen, och det
    var en toppenbra lärare du har också.

  7. It's good you know how to relax! Too many people can't stop even if they should...
    Your hubby looks so Swedish! or Finnish = Scandinavian :)
    You and me, we are lucky to have good men in our lives.
    Have a good, relaxing Sunday!

  8. Love all those shadow shapes at the train station in that lovely light. An interesting variety of photos from your world.

  9. I like the way the shadows creep gently into your little home!

    First Evening Shadows

  10. It is so great you had a nice and relaxing day. We should all stop and take care like that. Have a great start to the week.

  11. You have beautiful home and caring husband. Are you a professional dancer?

    1. Hi Lina,

      Unfortunately, no I'm not. It is just for fun. I have so much fun and hardwork.

      I lose 18kgs and of course I amended some of my food intake. But dancing is one big reason.

      I dance Street, Disco & 10 various Latin dance style (not exactly Zumba) but likely.


  12. Hi Chie,

    GH has an attractive man cave with all of the touches of blue. He's kind to pose in blue for us.

    Your chandie is gorgeous in blue. And, I love all the other things of blue you're showing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

    1. Hi Sweet Sally,
      He is lucky, he have a wify that like beautiful home LöL*

      Thank you for sharing your meme... it makes me mobilize.


  13. Those are some great blue shots.

  14. Så deilig serie med lune og gode bilder. Lysekronen din er utrolig vakker :)


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