Fuschia Mood is Spring-y Mood... and Tea Time

Can I Inspire?

Well, I am not the best blogger but I am enjoying hanging with you all, Ladies?

I am happy to those who always come and visit and I am grateful who appreciate one's effort, i.e. making you, my/our readers inspire is one of a priceless feelings. 

That's the reason why we all here, trying to share the inspiration on one or the other way. My friends and some of my family members wonder, how did I cope up all this media thing. Some, think that I am showing off.

I couldn't find an answer of "showing off" on friends thoughts, as for them, a bedroom is a sacred place and that must be cherish, keep it as it should be and not to show off to the world what's in it. 

Please help me!!! as a blogger, we have all the reasons to show what we have or had overcome in our lives, aren't we? YaaY! what a tough issue... BUT, Hey! I don't care for awhile what people think, so----

Am I Inspiring or NOT,
that's their problem, is it?
I started with some  some glass and glitters
That is for sure a nest, means Spring is in the air.
I couldn't find any better color scheme yesterday...
Do you call this Fuschia or Cerise? 
A vintage Fleur de Lis flatware desset ask me they wanted to join...
Tea time in times like this? Awesome... Tea direct from Singapore
Oppss... just a simple and not flashy tea set.
At least they came direct from China (factory)
I went for a course on cake decos, napkin folding, etc etc
This is a bit crazy complicated, my first time but it turned out OK...
Showing extra photos on how I created a simple tea table...
Friends came unexpected, so I have to do in a hurry.

Hope Everyone is in the BEST of everything.
Enjoy the day/evening and a blessed week ahead.
Linking with Marty, as soon she is up and running.
I am afraid I am late again due to our time difference.
As well as Susan... I will be late but I for sure come and join
Better late than NEVER, right, Susan?

God Bless You All.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Yes you are inspiring Kababayan! When I started blogging, as my Filipina gut would dictate it, I thought the same way too, - would people think that I'm just making yabang or showing off?? But I didn't care, I didn't blog for those kinds of 'friends' or people. My real friends appreciate what I try to do, wether it be spectacular or not. I have no no-show in my home, even the bedroom, but that's just me, I totally understand the need for privacy.

  2. Hello,
    I love the table you set for tea. So pretty. Blogging is for sharing and getting inspiration. I think most people that blog follow this kind of thinking. I do not think it is "showing off". It is more that you share your accomplishments and gather inspiration from others.

  3. Oh I always love to see your pretty tablesettings and how you are decorating your home. That is what blogging is all about. Just sharing our projects and homes and getting ideas from looking at others. Keep it up. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. Amen to all the other comments! I think bloggers understand what it is all about and my friends (my real friends) love my blogging and get after me when I don't put much out there! My daughter in law has also started her own blog now and I know I was some of her inspiration.
    What fabulous colors! Wow that pink is amazing. Your napkins are so amazing. You will have to do a tutorial on how to fold those!

  5. Showing off?!??!??!! Really??!?!?!! Not at all! The kind of blogging we do is an effort to inspire and to teach! There are SO MANY people out there who enjoy and appreciate the tips and ideas they get from reading blogs like ours! When people need help with a project - party, food, decorating around the house - they turn to blogs like ours for help. Our homes are open to the readers much like our homes would be open to friends and family. We keep those things separate or private that we find necessary, but for the most part everything is fair game. In this world of technology and computers and social media, this is just another way to create and maintain friendships not just across the fence but across the world! It's a wonderful thing, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I hope you continue to create and share as you have. It's a wonderful creative release!!!

    Love the shades of fuchsia and other pinks! Pink in every hue is my favorite color!!!

  6. I wouldn't call it showing off, in fact, I think it is being unselfish because we are sharing, giving ideas and inspiring. Btw, I am inspired by your beautiful table. I really like the color, looks fabulous....Christine


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