First tidbits of the year...


Week was quick and weekend to an end... nothing much to do, just home, work and dance.

However, my weekend ended up to my favorite Swedish fave singer. I love her songs and when GH knew I like her, he did talked to the concert manager and I got a tix for 2. Awesomeness...
Veronica Maggio
a young and talented singer
i love her concert
and well appreciated by her crowd.
this was my early walk 
friday morning...

my office
in an early day...

Sunday at D´BoX
welcome in...
it is not a Swedish castle
this is D´Nics cottage...
candlelights in the middle of the day?
i just loving it...
can't be as cozy
it can be...

 here is my coffee table
surrounded by my sweets

it is snowing outside
but coming in at D´Box
is warm and cozy
at least, said by "me" LoL*

at the other side
adding some colors
it makes my world go round...
This is the new exclusive style of 2014 according to Sköna Hem
A Swedish home magazine.
I am happy to tell them, I had mine summer 2013.
Am I a stylish or Not? *giggling*

Anyways, life can be funny sometimes... and sometimes can be so cruel. I can't even believe how people mistreating people. Hope I can give the answer. But this time, ENJOY LIFE TO FULLEST, WOLRD! I always be there... IHD***

I am in a meme Parties...
I will be linking with you soon, Ladies...

10 kommentarer:

  1. Hello Style Queen trend setter! Thank goodness for the dance and the relaxing candles in your week because that a lot of work files in your office!
    Wren x

  2. You are not only pretty but very stylish at home too dear Chie and in 2013, long before the magazine set the trnd up, lol! Pretty pillows in the lovely couch, very gorgeous living room! I've missed you around here my friend! Have a wonderful week at home and at work.

  3. Hi Chie,

    Although you have the Blue Monday logo, on your post, you do not have the link. Please place a link to Blue Monday on your post so that others can find us. Then return to link in again with Mr. Linky. You can find the code when you click on the blue bird located in my sidebar.


  4. Thank you, Chie.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  5. Beautiful home for a beautiful lady.Visiting through Sally's Blue Monday, hope you can come by and visit. Blessings, Debbie

  6. Chie, Your home looks so warm and inviting. I am in love with your sofa. It is exactly what I am looking for. I looked on the internet for hours yesterday in search of a sofa like this. Perfect! Your living room is lovely,


  7. You are definitely ahead of the game, CHie. very nice!...Christine

  8. Love your room and the pillow colors are all fabulous. I think you are the trend setter. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  9. you are ahead of the curve, lol. I pretty much think everyone has done some version of chevron-me included!


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