Last Week of January...Meme's Road Trip...

Time goes so quickly!

Yes... too quick. February is just in our reach and it feels that Spring is coming so quickly too. Winter this year, as mentioned, is quiet short (hopefully). Many of us prefer with a warmer days, right? Can't wait for  the sun.

Anyways, weather comes good and comes bad, they said but my old folks always told us, ( I remember, "there is no bad weather only bad gears). Seems, old Dad is right.If it is cold, keep warm and if it is warm? Stay cool. §:-)

So, here is my January throwback...
this was D´BoX 3 weeks ago...
no snow in winter.
yes, a bit boring

then, became like this, a -10 deg below.
not thick snow but because
it is always windy,
this make more chilly.
in times like this?
i use to do some Filipino food
many asked me why?
i said " just thinking of the food?
i feel warm and D´BoX is warm too.
this was taken last friday
me and GH went out for a date.
OMG! it was a "chock-a-block"
in the Swedish famous watering hole.
Grand HOTEL Stockholm
BUT... this is what I am doing...
Why I am busy?
here i am... a 60+ kgs a couple years ago...
me late summer of last year
then more hard work last Fall...
too BIG pants now
this is me now...
a 17kgs lighter
working more to rid out
the superflous "whatever 
you call it"

Sorry to be a "SELFIE" tonight but lots of my bloggie friends wrote about their rise and fall and talking about what to eat to be great. For me, not only food is important. I balance my intake and my activeness. This works for me. One said "you don't have to be great to START,but you have to start to be GREAT". Exactly right. No pain, no gain? Honestly? When I found out that it works? I am more concentrated to do a bit more and I see the outcome. Hardwork need but I am enjoying it.

Here are some of the headsUp:
I do lessen the carbs
More on to veggies
LCHF and 5:2 (not a must but practicing) every now and then
Fat In---Dance Out
Power Yoga once a week
Step Up every Thursday
Zumba Mondays

OPPPPSSS--- it's quarter past 02.00am
Wee in the morning and I am still awake?
Gotta 2 Go, Lovelies? I have a long Sunday for my cake deco course.

Happy SSS2 World.
Hello Sally, Happy Blue Monday...
I am just making my self pretty or whatever you call it
For health safe sake... I am not 20:ish anymore.
I will be a Nana in summer, therefore a new Nana
need to keep her knees fit for the new kiddie §:-) LoL*
Lady Marty... I am joining in your party!
Joining with pride on what I overcome.
Inspiring? I let you and your participants judge me.
Whether I Inspire them or Not.
But I am proud of myself to make the goal.
As I mentioned: Home and  life make a big diffrence
If you did the best of both Worlds. 

Drop by and say Hi to the Hostesses...
Thank YOu All for hosting...
Blessings/CC girl

9 kommentarer:

  1. Du är så smal och fin och så ser du
    yngre ut också, bra jobbat! Och så mår
    man ju så mycket bättre när man blir smalare
    och tränar. Jättefin utebelysning.

  2. God bless you dear girl. You look beautiful. I know you have worked hard and that you have been disciplined in your endeavor to loose weight. Maybe you can be my inspiration to loose weight too.

  3. What a transformation with the weight loss! Good work! I could stand to loose a few too, but it seems I have to work so much harder with less results! But, I keep trying.

  4. Great flower setting on the table in the Grand Hotel. And you do look wonderful in the black outfit.

  5. Hi Chie,

    You lost so much! Good for you. Now, when you take that cake decorating course, don't eat!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  6. Congrats on weight loss! How fun to take a cake decorating class too!

    1. Maam Sally & Mrs Tess,

      Just a taste is good enough. I am just doing this courses for fun sake and GH don't eat sweets, so if I do some decorating, I practice in my dummy cakes, LoL*

      Don't worry... I do Zumba, Power Yoga, Private dance in Street Dancing, Step-Up and have our Abs Challenge... work good for us.

      Character must be strict if you work hard for your health.

      God Bless,
      /CC girl

  7. You are stunning and wow, I admire you for all the hard work. I need to get on the ball and do the same. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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