Just Another Week-end, Another Parties...

This is mid-month of January...

It is amazing days came crazy quick? Snow came late in Europe and many were happy for a much easier winter life. Unfortunately, to people who are in a winter business, they have a lil tough this year. However, snow came a week ago and still snowing till now. It is not that cold though? A -5deg below is bearable compare to winters had passed, -25deg below. So, for us, this time is a party time... LoL*

In my part and D´Box, it is quiet. Some Christmas and New Year's tuffs are still waiting for their turn to be in place. I am a bit tired. It seems and I feel some buggericious is coming. People around are sick and it is a miracle, I did not catch the cold easily. Although, my immune system is weak due to some surgeries. Hallelujahhh... my activeness contributes, in a way. Keep my fingers X for a better and healthier life years long.

an absolutely awesome morning 
when I opened the guest CR, the sun shone after me...
blushing* don't mind the mess...
hand  lotion, hand desinfection, vanilla soap
lol* the mug? that's Filipino secret... ha ha ha...
 this spirits should be transfer in the cupboard where they belong
but now, they want to join the party...
 the New Year blings b4 I climbed up to pick them down
and seems they wanted to join as well...
omg! i forgot this paper Christmas stars...
couldn't let them go with this beautiful sunshine. 
the last view and the shadow of Christmas, GONE...
thanks, I need to clean OUT, every little corner.
lil Missy's packing time...
and here, she go! a cozy hug with Dad...
3 months till we meet again.
hello!!! where are all Stockholmers go?
this was the view
we met in the Metro
crazy QUIET too?
today's winter road tripping...
when we arrived home,
 checking where to start to shovel 
dark here although it was not even 4pm..


Enjoy the party, folks...
Take care C& God Bless Us All...

14 kommentarer:

  1. Winter is cold, and any slightly warmer temperatures can make us feel that spring is just around the corner - then it gets cold again. What can we do then? As always, we can continue the be warm at home, amongst our family in a home full of love. As you have!

  2. Alltid roligt och följa dig genom Stockholm
    och se vad ni har för er. Hoppas du håller
    dig frisk, det är lätt och bli smittad nu.

  3. I'd love to be in the Stockholm Metro when it's empty of travellers!

    Catching Sunrise, Carrying Light

  4. I love the lovely light that spills through your home in the morning.

  5. The shadow shots are fantastic, very moving.

  6. I really like the first three shadow shots!!!

  7. Hi Chie,

    It does seem a bit gloomy after all the decorations are put away.

    Love your blue. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday.

  8. Lots to see and check out in your great photos.
    The light and shadows are brilliant.
    Happy Blue Monday to you ;D

  9. The play of shadow and light in the 3rd and 4th photos is exquisite. All the white and the gold seem to create a sense of enchantment. Lovely series of photos.

  10. Your Filipino secret bathroom cup made me lough out loud, Chie, lol. That pic of Missy and her daddy is so full of emotions, precious!...Christine

  11. You've been a pretty busy lady!!!! Your daughter is so pretty I know you will miss her dearly. Stay warm!


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