Cocktail Mood @ D´Box On New Year's Eve 2014

I was head-over heels...

I planned to have a coctail type of celebration this year as I know it will be so stressful at work when most of my colleagues got the winter sickness. I don't have toddlers, so, what can a mother with grown-up kids like me say? "Just get up and work" to help. Does it matters? It matters if you have some plans. However, this time, it works for me, in a way.

But, doing a coctail is not as easy as the other meals. Cocktails have so many steps, many ingredients and so on and so forth. This time, I was so happy both kiddos were home, did their job to help Mum & Dad. It was a wonderful time, after all--- having them with a bit stressed Mum to finished in time. It was funny when D´Nics told me "CHILL".

*Join Us on our Simple Celebration*
So here we are @ D´Box with my Swedish Family...
Sorry for a blurry pix! 
When our guest came everybody got busy.
However, GH get a posed to welcome his guests...
And the lady of the house smiled & posed!
This year theme was Gold, Glitter & Glamour...
She choose to be a Glam Rocker §:-)
I served the Italian crostinni topped with 3 diff tapenades
Some Swedish thin bread rolls with smoked veal.
It was funny I did not toke photos in time... 
Dumplings finished just the wink of an eye...
Crunchy puffs with chicken sallad mix...
GH prepared a toasted rye bread,
Topped with marinated tenderloin,
Dash of chevré, creme fraiche
And pickled yellow beetroot.. 
Pink salmon in herbs in a filo puffs...  
At the terrine was a homemade  Curry chicken a´la Berns... 
guests was amazed of it's divine taste.
5***** restaurant recipe.
Ginger cookies topped with own pear mousse,
Choco mousse a´la Chie in a colored dessert wheel...
Our traditional NY's cake...

After the Cocktail Mingling...
it's STILL Christmas at D´Box
and a 17kgs lighter... awesome 2014
lil Missy posed with style...
 3 of Us... 
the 2 of them... with a happy Mum
both are gathered home... 
lovely cousins, Georgina (our baby) & Lil Missy
i am the Lil Missy,
 what I can see here and the oldest one
pretty Ladies***
the Ladies N Black... I love them All...
they make my life easier
from home away from home...
happy faces welcoming the New Year...

And then the last minutes Came to an END...
Follow us outside, pls?
more foodies
NY cake served outside
Champagne oozing 2 bottles from the US
3 from Champagne...
the finalé!
an absolutely awesome fireworks...
at the backyard
gold, glitter and glamour, still 
a happy family
who prays together, stays together
peace on earth
keep faith---
for us and the world
keep alive...

good health
forever beauty
love one another

Greetings from me and my family
*God Bless Us All*

I am still joining my FAVE memes:
Thank You Marty for all the inspirations
Susan, you always rocks @ D´Box
Kathryn, D´Box are still learning to visit you often.

Ladies, thank you so much for the inspirations you shared, through all the years.

10 kommentarer:

  1. Oh my goodness, Chie, you are so cute and this is such a fabulous party. I love it. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a fun party, Chie! You all look so cute. Love your outfit too. The food looks delish!...Christine

  3. What a fabulous and fun party Chie!!! the decorations and food look so grand! And you all look beautiful, what a way to welcome the year!

  4. Hope you had a fun and amazing celebration together :)

  5. Helt fantastisk nyårskavalkad, vilket
    härligt gäng ni är. Det syns att ni har
    roligt på era fester. Och maten! Så gott.

  6. Wow, the food and tables you setup are wonderful. I love those back tables, they look like they have tight skirts on them....very tailored and glamorous.

  7. All of the wonderful food looks fantastic. The chicken salad puffs look especially tasty. Your serving pieces look just grand!

  8. Wow, what a soiree! All the food looks amazing! Love those black tall cocktail tables!

  9. Hi lovely lady.
    So sorry I missed your New Years party. I would have loved to be with you all , ever thing looks Beautiful with all the great food wow. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Tablescape. Hoping you and your family have a wonderful New Year 2014.

  10. Favorite post, ever!! What fun and don't you look like a Diva in that gorgeous outfit?? Wow - the food looks delicious, your photographs are beautiful - love that last shot of the table. So great to see your beautiful family - hope you all have the best New Year, ever!!


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