The Last For Now but Not the Last till Next...

New Year---New Lifestyle...

Nothing can stop no one when they are focus and decided what they have had decided. 

For me, my health, my new me, my new lifestyle is what I care. Happy I overcome the hardwork... 

Well, that is me... if I can do it, then everybody can do it. I am not spreading on what to do to one's self, I am just encourage myself that everything can happen. It is not miracle. It is Me or You who can do to reach that goal. 

I am still struggling to reach the final goal but as for now, I am so happy with my lil steps with a BIG difference.

Here's my Shots for the last TS of the month...
more veggies on our table
it must be in colors
that make more
appealing for our eyes... 
nothing special, really
just making myself feel healthy 
once again, mix-matching?
that's me? 
love the salad plates
feels I am singing 
while having my greenies...
i couldn't go off with this bowls.
perfect with the motives
we have in the kitchen. 
i added the vintage clock as centerpiece
GH gave me 2 yrs ago
on my birthday.

 sallad set...
love the handles...  

 That's what I have dear folks...

Hope everybody have an enjoyable day!!!

I am joining Susan at BNOP on her party...
See you there.

Last Week of January...Meme's Road Trip...

Time goes so quickly!

Yes... too quick. February is just in our reach and it feels that Spring is coming so quickly too. Winter this year, as mentioned, is quiet short (hopefully). Many of us prefer with a warmer days, right? Can't wait for  the sun.

Anyways, weather comes good and comes bad, they said but my old folks always told us, ( I remember, "there is no bad weather only bad gears). Seems, old Dad is right.If it is cold, keep warm and if it is warm? Stay cool. §:-)

So, here is my January throwback...
this was D´BoX 3 weeks ago...
no snow in winter.
yes, a bit boring

then, became like this, a -10 deg below.
not thick snow but because
it is always windy,
this make more chilly.
in times like this?
i use to do some Filipino food
many asked me why?
i said " just thinking of the food?
i feel warm and D´BoX is warm too.
this was taken last friday
me and GH went out for a date.
OMG! it was a "chock-a-block"
in the Swedish famous watering hole.
Grand HOTEL Stockholm
BUT... this is what I am doing...
Why I am busy?
here i am... a 60+ kgs a couple years ago...
me late summer of last year
then more hard work last Fall...
too BIG pants now
this is me now...
a 17kgs lighter
working more to rid out
the superflous "whatever 
you call it"

Sorry to be a "SELFIE" tonight but lots of my bloggie friends wrote about their rise and fall and talking about what to eat to be great. For me, not only food is important. I balance my intake and my activeness. This works for me. One said "you don't have to be great to START,but you have to start to be GREAT". Exactly right. No pain, no gain? Honestly? When I found out that it works? I am more concentrated to do a bit more and I see the outcome. Hardwork need but I am enjoying it.

Here are some of the headsUp:
I do lessen the carbs
More on to veggies
LCHF and 5:2 (not a must but practicing) every now and then
Fat In---Dance Out
Power Yoga once a week
Step Up every Thursday
Zumba Mondays

OPPPPSSS--- it's quarter past 02.00am
Wee in the morning and I am still awake?
Gotta 2 Go, Lovelies? I have a long Sunday for my cake deco course.

Happy SSS2 World.
Hello Sally, Happy Blue Monday...
I am just making my self pretty or whatever you call it
For health safe sake... I am not 20:ish anymore.
I will be a Nana in summer, therefore a new Nana
need to keep her knees fit for the new kiddie §:-) LoL*
Lady Marty... I am joining in your party!
Joining with pride on what I overcome.
Inspiring? I let you and your participants judge me.
Whether I Inspire them or Not.
But I am proud of myself to make the goal.
As I mentioned: Home and  life make a big diffrence
If you did the best of both Worlds. 

Drop by and say Hi to the Hostesses...
Thank YOu All for hosting...
Blessings/CC girl

Just Another Week-end, Another Parties...

This is mid-month of January...

It is amazing days came crazy quick? Snow came late in Europe and many were happy for a much easier winter life. Unfortunately, to people who are in a winter business, they have a lil tough this year. However, snow came a week ago and still snowing till now. It is not that cold though? A -5deg below is bearable compare to winters had passed, -25deg below. So, for us, this time is a party time... LoL*

In my part and D´Box, it is quiet. Some Christmas and New Year's tuffs are still waiting for their turn to be in place. I am a bit tired. It seems and I feel some buggericious is coming. People around are sick and it is a miracle, I did not catch the cold easily. Although, my immune system is weak due to some surgeries. Hallelujahhh... my activeness contributes, in a way. Keep my fingers X for a better and healthier life years long.

an absolutely awesome morning 
when I opened the guest CR, the sun shone after me...
blushing* don't mind the mess...
hand  lotion, hand desinfection, vanilla soap
lol* the mug? that's Filipino secret... ha ha ha...
 this spirits should be transfer in the cupboard where they belong
but now, they want to join the party...
 the New Year blings b4 I climbed up to pick them down
and seems they wanted to join as well...
omg! i forgot this paper Christmas stars...
couldn't let them go with this beautiful sunshine. 
the last view and the shadow of Christmas, GONE...
thanks, I need to clean OUT, every little corner.
lil Missy's packing time...
and here, she go! a cozy hug with Dad...
3 months till we meet again.
hello!!! where are all Stockholmers go?
this was the view
we met in the Metro
crazy QUIET too?
today's winter road tripping...
when we arrived home,
 checking where to start to shovel 
dark here although it was not even 4pm..


Enjoy the party, folks...
Take care C& God Bless Us All...

A Babbly Me... to start 2014

Isn't She? Hold your horses, Folks?

Where are all the days go? It seems I am lazy or am I too slow to hang on?

Ahhh!!! what can a career woman do this time? Work loaded and when I come home it's still work loaded. My mind say "Go lady!" but body say "No!" It sounds funny, right? 

OMG!!! I still have those things scattered from our New Year's gathering at D`BoX. Big kiddo, wanted to sleep on the floor. He have a back ache. Cousins picked each bedrooms and the young ladies wanted to chat the whole night to catch up. I was then too tired to picked up all the things, so I let it be! When everyone leave us? Then time for me to put things into places.

Right now, my babbling day...

Come On in and be my guest @ D´BoX
a sight in the morning...
our midday sight...
and the late afternoon...

Well, seems Mr. Winter is here and guess He will stay. Our day is a one crazy day... but it feels cozy in a way, it changes a lot.
**And here some of my activities **
no New Year's resolution here...
never had one. i only have  inspirations.
although, I try to eat healthier...
as I said, I lost 17kgs after my surgery
and so happy and proud of my hardwork.
now, I am striving more and more healthier 2014.
this is how i baked now.
instead of white flour,
 I either use pelt, almond or cocos flour
here was our brunch.. lots of greens
we could skipped the bread but GH
said: "it's weekend" LoL*
brocolli soup for lunch
orange for dessert
sometimes, it's hard to think
where's my"SWEET"!!!?
hardtime for some §:-)
good exercise, though?

Does this make sense?
Seems NOT--- but one of my hobby is baking & cake decorating.
That I called my "ART" though, I am just starting to learn the right way...
 this are some of my toscan vintage coffee seet.
they are just adorable...
me & GH found in our thrifting.
some of my copycats
aren't they pretties?
 i can't wait my next icing course
on january 26th. that will be awesome time.
so,  i started weakling my own style...

But, HEY! Time for dinner huh? What's up, Lady?
Then, I hurriedly took out the marinated beef fillét---

again, a less carb meal...
instead of mashed potatoes,
i did mashed avocados and serve
with green veggies.
healthy and simple.

B4 I sign off... this is what I done... to start with!
From this?
new year's mess...
at least, the Christmassy are gone...
 for now.

Oppps... sounds I am spinning and speeding up here.
GH, looked at me and shake his head and continued to lean and listen to his digital book! He knows how to RELAX.

Now, time for me to relax and hope You all had a great start of the year. HAPPY & Have a blessed week to come.
Sally, my first time to join in 2014.
Can you find what your looking for? They are there.
One said: "If your are a true blue blooded, you find them there."
Susan, I am on & off joining your MET day.
Sometimes, I thought I linked up with you but didn't realized...
TOO late for that. Hope I will be attentive this year... LoL*
Katrhyn, my simple way of expressing "Pretty", my way...
Don't you think? at least if you see that way.
I don't know if I can make you Inspire today, Marty?
Hope you will like my babbly day, LoL*
As well, as Susan. In case you visit...

Thank You for you inspirations, Ladies.

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