The Story of D´Box Vignette...

A simple story to be told...on
2nd Advent b4 Christmas...

Yuletide 2013 first snowfall was December 6, 2013. A bit late but for us, it means a lot. Snowfall or winter time, it means hard life. 

I have been thinking if I deck D´Box like Christmases had been but I was thinking of  the people who have less than what I have. However, I couldn't save the World. So, I decided to create a very simple and a down to earth style, "Nature on Christmas". In fact, Sweden have this kind of style. A native style. I then decided to create my own style...

JUL = Christmas
Snow bear standing watching Santa's cottage...
Under the Christmas tree...
The Forest guard is in highly attention while Snowman playing...
Cinnamon sticks became Santa's logs...
Swedish cattle are resting and on their way to hibernate
  Oh! Santa Lucia is out from sight? 
 While the kids and Sta. play around while waiting for Santa Lucia.. 
All waited patiently... baby Santa went astray trying to play with Nature..
AT LAST!!! Her she comes with her entourage singing "Santa Lucia"

 D´Box guardian angels heard Sta. Lucia sings and they join while
the simple Holy Family celebrated the birth of our Jesus Christ.
At the end of the table, I am watching, a teary eyes of happiness. I could create my style!
I am proud of D´Box style, simple and down to earth.
Do you think? 
Now, time for me to slouch and sip my own created recipe of a .Christmas Saffron Bun Milkshake *
  Just bring your day old buns, vanilla ice cream, 1 dl milk and blend.
Voilá, just another simple thoughts to share....

Happy 2nd Advent my Precious World.

God Bless Us All...
Will join on Make it Pretty Monday...
And to you Lady Marty...

Hope you enjoy the simplicity of my Box... You all Ladies are giving me the Inspirations that keeps me busy rather than strolling around tissling and tassling §:-) This is my passion and knowing that I have my co-bloggers with me, that make things more easier....Keep up the good job, Bloggie friends Sharing is LOVE... and I do LOVE to share too.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Love your 'down to earth' style :)

  2. God Jul i stugan :) Det receptet måste jag prova - perfekt här i värmen!! Ha det så bra, Chie. Kramar från Australien♥ ~Pernilla

  3. Your apartment is precious - your Christmas decorating is so perfect. It is a beautiful reflection of who you are. I love the Santa Lucia children, so sweet, so perfect for the season. Have a blessed week..... Candy

  4. Oh Chie, I love your Santa Village and your little reindeer. How pretty. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  5. It all looks so beautiful! I love how you used cinnamon sticks for logs...brilliant! Have a wonderful week!

  6. I love all of the animals. I always told my grandchildren how the animals talked on Christmas Eve. They are almost grown now, and still remember that.

  7. What a charming and lovely vignette. A winter wonderland. laurie

  8. Such sweet scenes. :)

    Merry Christmas!


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