My Story on Christmas Eve @ D´Box 2013


Yeah! Only the 3 of us at home as the BIG Kiddo, as a chef had a long pass duty at one of Sweden's Famous  Bern's Hotel/Restaurant. He finished his duty at 23.30 and came home 00.30 am.

That's our Christmas Eve usually celebrated. My 3 cousins celebrates theirs with their lovely family and during New Year we gather together to welcome the New Year. This year ( a week today) is my turn to invite them all. We'll let see what will be the outcome, then?

As of now, please join me our quiet celebration...
A quite long story thru pictures and in this way,  I can relate the simply Swedish "JUL" normal living...
Our Christmas morning 24th starts with a Santa rice porridge
Then, Lil Missy, she is 21 yrs old now, still love her choco Christmas calendar
GH always surprise me...
In my family, I created both worlds. My world joins GH world.
Then, Swedish tradition begins... 
She wants to be the assistant of dear GH and they enjoyed their bonding moment.
Swedish meatballs is one of the highlights of a Swedish Julbord
I made my own peanut toffee. This is very famous in my area in Mindanao, Philippines.
So, I created my own recipe for a more friendly to health, LoL*
 I am giving our table just a lil dash of my creativity & our guardian angel joins..
My own recipe of Butter & Ginger cake...topped with white marsipan
Ris a´la Malta another must thing
A very dear St. John Cross (Malta's pride) (sweet holder)  & some Mediterranean sweets joins
Everything are ready for serving!!!
Eco ham, smoke salmon, Jansson temptation, eggs with roe, Christmas hotdogs, pickled herrings,
& ribs to name a few are another "Must" if you are in Swedish Julbord...
As promised, I minimize our celebration in memory of all my countrymen. They are starving to death while I am just throwing the left-overs... We said, "just enough is all it take".
This time, it is my turn to get busy...
Black, White & red are the color combo, I created...
Dots is a sign of bountiful as I always know from my old folks... 

Grandy Santa is our guardian Big Man... He even wear a fur from the North of Sweden.
The land of Mr. Claus §:-)
 D´BoX minituare... also warm and cozy... My centerpiece with some of my fine crystals...
Our WACKY but Delightful Moment
Lady of D´Box having her selfie mood!!! and as time goes by, me & GH are allergics with the real Christmas tree, therefore, making our home a Chrismassy feelings, I created a fantasy, my design...LOL
The BIGGER the BETTER... winter socks and blings are gifts from us...
Ladies drink
 2 men Down, while waiting for Kj .. ha ha ha...
Greetings from D´Nics
D´Nics gathered 25th Dec. on a Brunch...
At least, he came home safely, slept and woke up with us...

Hope you All have had a quiet and peaceful Christmas with your loveones...

Be safe....

Joining Susan at BNOP
Susan, I will be joining You with my New Year's Celebration next week...

5 kommentarer:

  1. Å, vilket härligt julbord, Chie! God fortsättning :) Annandagskramar från Australien♥ ~Pernilla

  2. Så fina ni är, en härlig familj. Och så god
    mat på julbordet, är säker på att nyåret kommer
    firas med lika mycket gott hos er.
    God fortsättning på julveckan

  3. Hi Your post tells, you had a grand X'mas celebration at home.Beautiful decor and table look pretty and love everything about your post.Great collections and black and white good choice...Wishing you a wonderful 2014...:):)love sujatha...:):)

  4. Oh wow, the food looks so wonderful! and I am totally loving your white dinner plates you showed us toward the end of your post. Totally gorgeous!

  5. Oh my sweet friend, what a wonderful C'mas celebration you had, it's not important how many people were there, but the big love. You looked like you cooked for 20, though, wow, such fabulous food! You and your daughter are soo very pretty...and dad too. Your dinner ware for the holidays is stunning, you have such lovely things dear Chie and lovely taste as well, as you are.
    Mucho amor en esta Navidad!


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