First Advent...

Oh yeah! 

Yuletide come but it is a bit unusual (at least in Sweden) coz we still have a nice weather. Today, we have +8deg centigrade and sun still shining in it's best.

My life is still turning upside-down, LoL* feelings like Mother Teresa, but I am more than happy that many children smiles with a bit of little  blessings I share with them. But, of course, life must go on. The needy can still smile, how much can I smile more?

As many years go by, my relatives and close friends in heart are growing here in Sweden. Every First day of Advent, we all gather at D´Box. Family and friends bonding. Everyone have an update to share on how and what we overcome the past months.

But, is was funny this year coz I forget to take some photos--- I am an Asian and photo taking is what we/I usually love to do.

Anyway, I have at least a few to share...

INSIDE MY BOX...1/12-13
Almond and raisins bowls...
Non-Alcohol Mulled wine warmer (I use my knitted coffee cups)
The red Mulled wine set is for a real one, LoL* (with alcohol)
... and my Christmas village joins...
Largest hurrican jar I own with cones & largest mercury egg
Pewter serving plate is for cheese... Simple 
Sweet Station. Cookie stand is waiting for my Christmas kringlers
Tea station on the kitchen counter. Don't you love the knitted tea mugs?
Almond with cinnamon cookies

I can proudly present and Inspire my own recipe  Lactose free Saffron buns
This time it really worked out with a new tip how to bake, so it won't taste dry...
Like the recipe? Let me know...
Marty... I am a day late but, I still managed to join your party.
Kathleen... thanks
Joining with you Susan...

Thank you, Ladies for hosting. I might be late but I am enjoying anyways to blogging with you.
Have a nice mid-week, Precious Blogie World. ENJOY!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Så fint du hade gjort till advent, mysigt och
    träffa hela familjen. Och när man har roligt är
    det lätt och glömma kameran.

  2. I love your white cabinet and the beautiful jar with pinecones! So pretty :)

  3. Oh chica hermosa! You have the most beautiful and unique things! I simply adore your kneeded sweater mugs and the canisters in the samll White table to match...swoonnnn!!!! I love the reds too...gorgeopus, everything is! You gave me an idea with the pine cones inside the glass and may copy it, lol! Thanks for your sweet offer, but don't worry honey, as I had the same idea to send you the mugs, but there are none see, they've had them for 3 years in the supermarket and I guess they sold it all by now!
    Love you and thanks for visiting, you always make my day! Happy December sweetie.

  4. I misspelled Knit, lol and sorry!!!

  5. Oh Chie, your decor is so beautiful and oh my the cookies look fabulous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  6. What a fun event! I would love to be served something warm in those mugs that look like sweaters. You food looks wonderful and your white china is gorgeous!

  7. Wow.. Chie This is amazing.your white and red collections so beautiful.Love everything in this post.Have a Lovely season...:):)

  8. Everything looks so beautiful, Chie. I love all your kitchen things. Pretty whites and reds and the bread is delicious. Happy Advent!...Christine


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