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A Merry Day...

Struggling what to deck a cottage? I am actually not stressing out off me just because of the Christmas season. However, looking around the house without any Christmas spirit is a kind of boring and a less Christianity feelings, anyhow?

Of course, I was alerted! So, the lil Me, rushed and was digging the attic to re-use the hidden fun stuffs. This are some of cool blings when my daughter was a lil girl. She loves Santa and love Christmas. Voilá! I found the fanfare set, plus some are new bought dinner plates.

Do you actually matches your dishes just to see everythings perfect for your guests? I adore mis-matching, so, tell me? You are better than me, Ladies? I am just a girl from nowhere, what you prefer? Does Christmas a fancy season or a fun season? Ahhh... just wondering if there is a manner creating it's home decor.

What are your suggestions?
I want to know for my knowledge. Just in case you have something to share.

FanFare Time...
This are 2 very Swedishness ambiance during Christmas
My salad/dessert plates...
The new member of D´Box. Dinner dish... adore them
Goodies jars are one of a kind... purchased in Italy, 2 different style
Flatwares are local. Dessert spoons have 4 different kinds of gestures
This make sure you don't miss your dessert plate.
Some of the gadgets that make the kids happy and sing Merry ChiesMas
Absolutely best chocos serve in this gorgeous goodie jar
And Santa is watching?
Who can resist to feel merry, although D´Box is just a Box?
A kind of cozy, right? Feeling young at heart! 
This is another story to be revail...

Good Night, my Bloggie World. Hope you all have a great mid-week.
I will be linking to you Susan, once your link is up and running.


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  1. Oh, that is a fun table. Those tall hat candle holders are so adorable! I, also, like those Santa plates. I usually try to set an elegant table, but the centerpiece is usually created by using Villeroy and Boch or Fitz and Floyd pieces that are playful. I have to have something for the grandchildren! Merry Christmas, my Swedish friend!!

  2. Very pretty Like Diane said it's a fun and kiddy the collections.Have a joyful season...Love sujatha....:):)


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