Last Words and posts of 2013....


This is the 5th year of me, joining this weekend fun since Hey Harriet started the meme...

Thank you so much Ladies: who took over when Tracy/Hey Harriet stopped hosting. But our 3's Marias are here to enternain us.
  • Gemma
  • Magical Teacher
  • Rose/Chubkulitz
Thank You to Marty for her never ending tips & tricks with all her projects. I am her follower almost 3 yrs now. 

BNOP, our loving Susan hosted her TS every Thursday. I am your member since I met Marty and I never missed a post. Whether I leave some footprints (comments or not), I am there every single day.

Kathryn at Dedicated House is the newest of them All and I am enjoying her hostings. Sometimes, I skipped, sometimes, I am in when the post is fit to her theme. Thank you too, Kathryn for your beautiful parties.

Million thanks Ladies for the inspirations. You are all the best thing happened in my bloggie world. God Bless...

Our day when a good friend from Florida came & visit us...
Awesome clocks ready for the New Year...
Welcome to Stockhom new Entertainment Arena 
Famous Spy Bar (miniature) LoL* 
 Sky View on top of The Stockholm Globe Arena
Grand Hotel where all the Nobel winners & guests stays... 
 The real Sky View...
 Me & Carol inside the gondola veiwing GH down
Me & Carol Newton from Florida's  shadow on top of the world
Awesome weather... no snow--- love it! 
Then ended to watched the derby ice hockey... cool day...

Hope you All have a wonderful last weekend of the year and wishing you all the BEST of 2014...

See You again Friends... GOD Bless...
Thank you for hosting once again Ladies...
Magical Teacher
I am absent some of Monday's coz couldn't find the perfect pix... the fit to Sally's meme... 
Inspiring You Marty to visit Stockholm...
Yeah! not just my home that I can inspire your players, Marty.
My second home i s the No. 5 most peaceful country of the World... so check it Out!
I might be late but my post this week is cool enough to share-
Thank you for sharing and hosting.
Happy WeekEnd.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Wow! What awesome buildings-models and real! I so love the shadow shot in the bubble-that is so cool! I don't know if I could take that kind of a ride being out in the 'open' like that. My nerves would certainly get me!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Det var fina bilder från Globen, häftiga
    vinklar jag inte sett förut. Alltid roligt och
    titta in här hos dig, ser fram emot 2014.
    Önskar dig och din familj ett riktigt

  3. some great pics there - have a happy new year

  4. What a great view you had inside that ball.

    Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday, Chie.

  5. Creative photos for HBM ~ Happy New Year to you ~ carol, xxx

  6. Oh this sounds like such a fabulous day and I love spending time with friends. I hope you have a very Blessed and Happy New Year and Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. Nice collection that took me on a journey. I love the clock with the balls and matching shadows.


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